Finn_Brooke Rebovich_PA_Outdoor News 2022 Huntin Buddy Photo Contest Entry

Finn Brooke Rebovich Pa Outdoor News 2022 Huntin Buddy Photo Contest Entry

This is Finn, our 7-year-old English Setter. On my way to work one day back in 2015, I passed a local animal shelter and saw this skinny, spotted white dog with a feathered tail running the fence line and pointing at birds. I immediately called my husband and told him we needed to get down there and meet him! When we arrived, he was so shy and would barely look at us. The shelter indicated that he came from a breeder in the state of Indiana that specialized in grouse hunting dogs, and that his family gave him up at 7 months old because he had “too much energy” and couldn’t be trained. He’s since been the sweetest addition to our family and loves to hunt for us! Typical Setter, he’s interested in anything that flies or has feathers (this includes bumble bees, stink bugs, bats, and of course, pheasant!) We love him and are so grateful we were able to make him our own after his rough start.