Tika_Dion Turgeon_2021 Outdoor News Huntin Buddy Photo Contest Entry

Tika Dion Turgeon 2021 Outdoor News Huntin Buddy Photo Contest Entry

This is my golden retriever Tika. She is a great all around hunting dog. She enjoys chasing ruff grouse in the big woods, running down pheasants in the prairie, and swimming after ducks in the slough. This photo happens to be one of the best opportunistic photos I have ever been able to get of her on a solo goose hunt in a pit near our home town. At the time I only had a phone in my pocket but seeing her watching for geese and the lighting she was in I had to snap a quick picture. I didn’t know then how much this picture would mean to me, but it is one I regularly look at and reminisce all of the hunts and adventures we have been on.