Tara_Richard Kangas_2021 Outdoor News Huntin Buddy Photo Contest Entry

Tara Richard Kangas 2021 Outdoor News Huntin Buddy Photo Contest Entry

My hunting buddy is Tara a 4-year old female German Shorthair Pointer. She is a great hunter, pointer, and retriever with a sweet and affectionate disposition. She is a lot more than just my hunting buddy. She is my ice fishing buddy, my hiking buddy, my snowshoeing buddy, my gardening buddy, my watching TV buddy. Pretty much a 24 hour a day buddy

What makes this photo so special it was taken on a very special day. I love hunting late season in December when the wetlands are frozen over and most other hunter are done for the season. This hunt was in December 2019, the weather was perfect, I hiked deep into a very large public hunting area and in just a short period of time Tara pointed and I shot 3 roosters in very heavy cover. The perfect weather made the day special, Tara’s dog work was exceptional, which made the day special, shooting all 3 roosters and not missing one (which I’m capable of) made the day special. I’ve hunted pheasants for over 50 years and that was one of the most memorable days I’ve had pheasant hunting so when I look at the photo I took at the end of that hunt it will always remind me of a very special day I had with Tara. I look forward to more special days hunting with Tara this coming pheasant season. I love that dog, she’s my hunting buddy.