Redundancy, just in case

Are two spare tires better than one? (Photo by Mike Schoonveld)

I’m a firm believer in redundancy, having a back-up, having a Plan B. I believe in Murphy’s Law – Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

I have two credit cards in my wallet. Don’t know why? I’ve never had one refused. I almost always carry two fishing rods when I go fishing – in case one breaks, I suppose. I always bring two guns along on a hunting trip – same reason. I’ve never had a gun break, either.

Redundancy is why some boaters put two motors on their boat, or equip it with two fish finders. Redundancy is why rocket ships have back-up systems. Redundancy is why I often buy two of my favorite lures instead of just one.

Just in case… well, just in case ol’ Murph’ and his law shows up.  Few people worry about redundancy more than professional anglers or charter boat operators. Having a spare anything can be more than just avoiding an inconvenience, it can be a money maker – the difference in winning a paycheck or earning a charter fee at the end of a day.

I went on a nearly impromptu fishing trip with my friend, Lance Valentine recently, for a number of reasons – mostly just to go fishing and Lance is a fun guy to fish with. Lance is a “reformed” tournament fisherman and a current charter fishing guide, and founder of Walleye 101. I was checking out his rig at the parking area at the East Grand Traverse Bay Access Site where we met and noticed he had two spare tires on his boat trailer.

“Expecting tire problems?” I asked.

Lance told me, “I always have two spare tires on my boat trailer. I figure if I run over something that causes a flat on one tire, the back tire on my two-axle trailer is going to run over the same thing.”

“Hmmmm,” I thought. “Makes sense.”

Later, when I noticed the two-spare set-up on his trailer when reviewing the photos I took, I had another thought…I wonder if he has two spare tires in the back of his pick-up truck?


It’s probably a good thing. I believe in it. I’m shopping for a second spare tire carrier for my own boat trailer.

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