Tough lesson for a lure-buying addict

I used to walk into a tackle shop wishing I was rich enough to buy one of every lure they were selling. I knew one of those lures would be the “one,” that perfect lure, the lure no fish could ever resist. All I had to do was discover it, buy it, use it, and then rely on it.

As my budget allowed, I’d buy one or two lures each trip to the store and eagerly await the next chance to put the new lure to the test. Some were abject failures. Some caught some fish some times but they proved better at fooling me than fooling the fish. Once in a while I bought a winner that showed promise or actually became a reliable producer.

Over time, my tackle assortment grew larger and larger – then tragedy struck. Perhaps it was less tragedy and more a fortuitous lesson. My tackle box filled mostly with “wannabe” hot lures was lost overboard on a wild, choppy day.

Lesson one, when navigating choppy seas, make sure things are battened down.

Lesson two came when I realized I would need to replace my collection of lures before I could go fishing again.

I was still not a rich man and didn’t have the budget to replace all the lures I’d lost. This trip to the tackle shop meant I had to just buy the essentials. I could afford a dozen lures, at best, so I had to shop smart. I needed to pick out only specific models in time-proven colors and sizes. It was a tough call and I had to make some hard choices. Still, when my wallet was empty, I had what I hoped was a winning selection.

The next time I went fishing I felt naked or at least under-gunned. I had my dozen new lures and a few that had been still on the line or squirreled away in a cubby hole somewhere. No green bean colored spoons or bright blue with yellow belly plugs, which always looked good to me but scared the fish, it seemed. Just the basics were on board.

The fishing was terrific. I didn’t need the bench warmers. The A-Team did just fine, better than fine.

My wallet no longer cringes when I walk into a tackle emporium. I no longer look longingly at the chartreuse lure with hot pink curly-cues and wonder if the fish will be able to resist it. I know they won’t resist the sizes, colors and models that have served me well year after year.

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