What type of a boat person are you?

People own boats for a multitude of reasons. Which type of a boat owner are you?
Everything these days has its own advocacy group or groups. There are hundreds of fishing organizations, several butterfly lover associations, and some even more obscure groups such as the Gluten Intolerance Group of North America. It’s the duty of such groups to do stuff, such as investigate and tabulate information about the topic for (or against) which they advocate.
Grow Boating is a group dedicated to boating advocacy and they’ve recently investigated and tabulated six different types of first-time boat buyers. I’m sure boating manufacturers and dealers find the information useful.
For me, not so useful, but still interesting. Which type are you?
Type 1: Gear Guys
These are usually younger men, motivated by hobbies with specialized equipment. They crave details and are intrigued by the technology and the specs. It’s not about being on the water,  it’s about the boat.
Type 2:  Merry Mates
Think of these guys as the soccer moms of the boating world. Family is at the core of everything they do, especially their activities. For them, boat ownership is just another way to connect as a family.
Type 3:  Luxurious Leisurers
Color these people image-conscious. Happiness is surrounding themselves with the finer things. For the Luxurious Leisurers, owning a boat is an achievement that gives them a boost in status.
Type 4: Party Planners
For this group, the only thing better than a backyard barbecue party is taking the party to the lake. Once they have a boat they can plan outings on the boat – tubing, cruising, fishing and water skiing. For them, owning a boat is driven by their desire to host friends and family.
Type 5: Seclusion Seekers
These are nature lovers who consider their daily life stressful and full of obligations. Seclusion Seekers escape to the great outdoors through activities like hunting, hiking, camping or kayaking. For them, boating is about getting away from the daily grind and connecting with nature on the water.
Type 6: Nautical Natives
Children of any of the above five types eventually grow up and often become boat buyers for the same or different reasons than their parents. Regardless, boating is in their DNA so they understand the appeal of boating and take joy in getting on the water.
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