Coyote trapping is the toughest game in town

Most shotgun shooters agree anything they shoot at, standing or flying, within 40 yards is in deep do-do if they shoot accurately. So, doing the math, if a duck, turkey, rabbit or other game is in the same acre with the shooter, it should be within lethal range. 

Here’s the math: The formula to compute the area of a circle is pi (3.14) times the radius of the circle, squared (pi-r-squared.) In this case, the radius is 120 feet, so 120x120x3.14 equals 45,216 square feet. There are 43,560 square feet in an acre so a 40 yard circle is just a tad larger than an acre. 

Modern bowhunters usually feel comfortable twanging an arrow at a deer 30 yards away.  That’s tougher. Using the pi-r-squared formula and dividing by the number of square feet in an acre, a deer hunter has to get his quarry in about six-tenths of an acre with him for it to be within range.

Regardless of where you hunt in Michigan or if you are shooting a slug gun, muzzleloader or rifle, more deer are shot at less than 100 yards than farther away.  If we accept the 100 yard radius as the “sure-fire” zone and do the math as before, all a deer hunter needs to do is be in the same six-and-a-half acres and Mr. Big Buck is as good as dead.  

When I set a coyote trap, my “kill area” isn’t registered in acres or even square feet. The trigger on my traps are about 2 inches in diameter. Pi-r-square 2 inches and you have a target area only about 3 square inches in size. If the coyote steps on that 3 square-inch spot, I win. If not, the coyote goes his own way.

There are a couple photos here to show what I mean. The first is a coyote trap. The round thing is the trigger the coyote has to step on to fire the trap. The second is a photo of a set, worked by a lucky coyote that managed to step everywhere except on the trigger!  The green spots are coyote footprints, the red spot is the location of the trap-trigger. 

So what’s the toughest game in town?  I’m putting my money on coyote trapping, especially if you do it mathematically. 

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