Make the time to go fishing

Dave is a business man with whom I cross paths regularly. It used to be every time we’d see each other he’d ask, “How’s fishing?” I’d tell him and then he would always say, “One of these days, I’m going to take a day off and go fishing with you.”

For years, that never happened. 

So, one day on a whim, I stopped by his business and went right back to Mary’s office space. Mary was his secretary/book keeper and wife. “Can I help you? Dave’s in the back. Want me to call him?”

“Not just yet,” I said. “Does Dave have any big projects on tap next week?”

“No,” she answered. 

“If he took Wednesday or Thursday off, would it be any major big deal to the business?” I asked. 

“Not really,” she answered.

“Okay,” I said and pointed to the calendar on the wall behind her that appeared to be the chart that showed which employees were working, off or what shift they were to work. “Mark Dave off on Thursday. I’m taking him fishing for the day. Now you can call Dave from the back.”

When Dave came up he gave me a big grin and as he offered his hand asked, “How’s fishing?”

I answered, “It’s good and you are going to find out. I’ve already cleared it with Mary, and if you check the calendar you’ll notice you’ve been marked for a day off next Thursday. We’re going fishing. Not sometime, next Thursday.”

Dave sputtered a second or two, then broke into a grin.  “What time?” he asked. 

The moral of the story is if you can’t take the time to go fishing, you have to make the time. And if you don’t, I may just stop by your shop and make the time for you!

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