Protect your boat from theft

Mike SchoonveldBoats are valuable. Thieves look for valuable things to steal. They also look for easy things to steal. Don’t make your boat an easy target.

Off-season threats are just as real as during the summer boating season. Maybe more. Many people store their boat at a convenient location during the boating season, but move them to some other area for the winter. Out of sight, out of mind and maybe out of town when they come back for it in the spring.

Whether you put your boat behind the garage or move it to a supposedly secure storage area, make a concerted effort to make it extra secure. There are trailer locks and wheel locks available commercially. A simple chain and padlock attaching the boat to a tree or other immovable object is better than nothing. How about removing the trailer tires and storing them somewhere else?  All of these are good, relatively inexpensive ideas.

There are high-tech options as well. You’ve probably heard the commercials for General Motors’ On-Star System available in their newer vehicles. Similar, after market systems are available for non-GM vehicles as well. The anti-theft feature in these systems works by transmitting the GPS coordinates of the location of the vehicle to you or to a security company with a monitoring staff.

A number of companies perform a similar service for boats. Basic units start around $500 and a monthly subscription fee around $20. More advanced units are available with additional features.

Whether it’s a padlock and chain or a fail-safe security system with all the bells and whistles, do something to make sure your boat is safe, even in the winter.

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