Water levels puzzle experts

Mike SchoonveldIf you click the tab on the MON homepage that reads “More Mike Schoonveld” you will get a list of the previous blogs I’ve posted on this website. One from last October was entitled, Predicting Record Lows. It was about the receding water levels in the Great Lakes in general and lakes Michigan and Huron in particular.

The speculations I reported in that blog proved to be both right and wrong. The water level fluctuation in the Great Lakes normally trend downward in late fall and winter. At the time, lakes Huron and Michigan were only an inch or two from breaking the recorded history record low level set in 1964. Predicting a new record was a safe bet.

The trained speculators making the prediction, didn’t factor in Hurricane Sandy spinning her wrath and aftermath all the way to the Great Lakes. By the time the rain clouds cleared, six inches of rain or more had fallen over most of the Great Lakes in many areas and the record wasn’t broken in November.

It took until February for the rain-soaked lakes to drop back down and finally dip below the 1964 mark.  

Panic ensued.

Okay, maybe it was more of a deep concern, but the same people who speculated the record low would occur, also speculated new records would continue to be set, harbors would be too shallow to negotiate; boat ramps would be left high and dry; channels would be clogged and steamships would run aground.

Even I was worried!

But again, the experts were proven wrong, since a wet spring and summer (so far) has put back more water than even Sandy delivered. Lakes Huron and Michigan are now up more than a foot above the record low set in February, bouncing up four inches in June alone. Lakes Superior and Erie are enjoying elevated water levels as well.

So is the danger over?  I’m not sure. For now, I’ll take it and send an email to one of the speculators I know.

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