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Mike SchoonveldI gave up on making New Year’s Resolutions decades ago. The kind of crappy weather that often greets us at or immediately after the new year isn’t conducive to happy thoughts and the resolve needed to knuckle down and work to achieve. In the end, not only is one apt to become despondent just due to the weather; facing and then failing the noble goals set on New Year’s eve is likely to cause additional self-unappreciation.

Millions of people do make resolutions and likely, thousands of them do achieve the objective they set when flipping the calendar to January 1. “Bravo to them,” I say.

So I’ve decided for 2013 to make a pair of resolutions to guide my Great Lakes pursuits in 2013. Should I persevere and manage to join the elite group that accomplishes their New Year’s resolve, bravo to me.

1) Learn to use my modern electronics. The radio, GPS, autopilot, downriggers and sonar units on my boat are packed with features. The dashboard sonar probably has more computing power than the rocket that sent Neil Armstrong to the moon. I only use a few of its features. I don’t know half of what my autopilot can do. All I make it do is steer straight. I resolve to spend the time, instruction manual in hand, to learn the seldom used features on my gear and then perhaps go on to uncover some of my Smart Phone’s features.

2) Dust off the old gear. This resolution is nearly the opposite of the previous one. I need a membership in FSA (Fishing Stuff Anonymous). I acquire new fishing “stuff” like Jay Leno buys cars. I fish a lot so some of the old “stuff” my new stuff is replacing is worn out and I discard it. Most of it, however, is worn, weathered enough to be of little value on eBay, so I just put it in a box, drawer or on a shelf. Much of it is perfectly serviceable. I get a new fishing reel, put the old one in a drawer and use the new one.

This year, I resolve to dust off some of the old gear, use it and measure, as best I can, how it stacks up against the new item that shelved it originally. I bet I find some things that go back on my “A” team, others that will prove their place on the bench is deserved.

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