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Mike SchoonveldIt’s deer season and once again people are blaming hunters “chasing the deer” for the spike in vehicle/deer collisions occurring along Michigan highways and roads. ‘Taint so, of course. There are many reasons deer are more active in the fall and being chased by hunters is far down the list.

In researching a few bits of data I found some interesting statistics, courtesy of State Farm Insurance. How does Michigan stack up against deer and drivers in other parts of the country?  Sadly, pretty well.

State Farm ranked the deer/vehicle collisions two different ways. First, they tallied the likelihood of any driver being involved in a deer/vehicle accident. Michigan ranked fourth in the country. In Michigan one of every 72 drivers is likely to hit a deer each year. Only Iowa, South Dakota and West Virginia drivers have better odds. In West Virginia, 1 of 40 drivers collide with a deer each year.

That first stat is misleading to a degree since the total number of collisions is balanced by the number of drivers. There are many more deer in Michigan but also many, many more drivers.

In total numbers, Michigan fares better – or worse – coming in at No. 2 behind Pennsylvania. According to State Farm, Michigan drivers kill almost 98,000 deer each year.

So be alert. The deer are out in force.

This is one time being ranked near the top is not good.

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