Rule No. 2

Mike SchoonveldMy purpose here isn’t to keep rule No. 1 a secret, it’s a takeoff on the saying my high school football coach often eschewed. Odd though it may seem, he’d find a way to fit it into pep talks, chew-outs and general conversation time and again. He’d say, “Watermelon is the second best thing in the world. Everyone has their own idea of what’s number one, but watermelon always comes in second.”

I’m telling you rule No. 2, not because everyone already knows No. 1. Rather, because everyone always has their own version of the first rule. Rule No. 1 is: always check to see if the plug is in the boat. Rule No. 1 is: make sure all the life jackets needed are on board. Rule No. 1 is: always check the latest weather report before heading out. Rule No. 1  is….

I don’t care what your own version of rule No. 1 happens to be. Rule No. 2 for a Great Lakes angler is “Don’t leave fish to find fish.”

Most Great Lakes fishermen rely on a combination of skill, luck, instinct and inside information to find out what’s biting and where. We listen to the marine radio. We talk to other fishermen at the docks or boat ramps. We watch for packs of boats. There are dozens of websites available with fishing reports and rumors. Bait and tackle shops often dispense fishing information.
When faced with slow fishing, the temptation grows to head for greener pastures.

However, don’t be too quick to give up on your own program. You can’t catch what isn’t there, but if you are (or recently have been) catching fish in a certain location, don’t be too quick to head somewhere “over the rainbow” to locate the hot bite you suspect is happening elsewhere.

More often than not, you’ll be unable to duplicate the success. You’ll wish you’d stayed at your own hot spot and refined your own presentations.

Remember Rule No. 2: Don’t leave fish to find fish. Sometimes it’s more important than rule number one.

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