Emily Brown (9 yrs. old) caught several Bluegill on Long Lake in Hastings one afternoon on a friends boat. When they got back to the dock, Emily said she wanted to have one more cast off the dock before going home. When Emily saw this giant Dogfish swim by, she held back the urge to scream because she didn’t want to scare the fish away. (Smart Fisher-girl) Emily told how she quietly said, please, please, please Mr. fish bite my worm. When the fish turned, Emily set the hook. Then the screaming began. I THINK I CAUGHT A BIG FISH, HURRY, HELP ME, I CAN’T PULL IT IN !!! Emily definitely won the big fish contest that day with this 4 lb. 28″ Dogfish caught with just a small piece of Night-crawler and a miniature hook. No better way to end your day than to catch the biggest fish of your life. Emily was so excited she could barely stand still for the picture. Nice job Emily !!!