Summer weather gets Sirius

“It’s summer time and the livin’ is easy. Fish are jumpin’ and
the cotton is high….”

Those words are from one of my favorite oldies tunes and these
hazy humid days, quiet mornings and glass-calm waters covered by
cottonwood fluff make me recall it every day.

But when I clicked on my computer to check my usual weather sites
before heading out for another day of “easy livin'” the weather
radar showed something more serious than cottonwood fluff to
ponder. There was a big, green, red and yellow area over southern
Minnesota and northern Iowa and the storm track had it heading for
Lake Michigan.

That’s a long way and most of the time, such a storm would take 6
hours or so to rumble across southern Wisconsin. So off we went,
across the smooth lake to the area where the fish had been active
in recent days.

Instead of clicking on the sonar screen to look for fish under the
boat with my sonar/GPS, I zoomed-out the map feature to enable the
screen to show all the way to the Mississippi River. A couple more
clicks and my Sirius Marine Weather module painted the current
weather radar returns on the screen. The storm was to the
Mississippi River, by now – still a state away.

Rods were set. A fish bit. The rod was reset and I glanced again at
the weather screen. Now the storm was halfway across Wisconsin and
I realized this mass of super-cells was moving fast. (Seventy miles
per hour, the weather service said.)

As the storm moved within 15 miles of the western side of the lake,
I was pulling rods and when I pulled up to the docks, the sky was
angry and black. We were safe.

Sirius Marine Weather modules are available to interface with
several brands of sonar/GPS units. Monthly subscriptions to the
service start at $12.99.


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