Coho crazy

Back in the late 1960s, Michigan stocked the first salmon in
Lake Michigan as an experiment. The experiment was a bright
success. Those initial coho salmon were followed by brown trout,
king salmon, steelhead and Atlantics. Those programs proved
successful, as well.

But cohos started it all and for many Michiganders, cohos remain
their favorite.

Sure, the kings are bigger, the browns are craftier, the steelhead
fight harder. But cohos are the harbinger of spring and the signal
another season of Great Lakes fishing is underway.

So ask a coho lover what he’s doing this weekend and then stay out
of the way. Chances are he’s loading the boat and heading for St.
Joe, New Buffalo or South Haven.

Great Lakes anglers are going coho crazy in southwest

The best action centers on the area where the rivers at these
ports dump into the lake. Follow the mudline, stitching in and out
of the color change. Drag some small crankbaits – fluorescent red
colored ones are hard to beat and don’t worry about trying to get
them deep. I never put any weight ahead of the lures. If my jointed
Rapala only wants to swim 2 feet under the surface, fine. The cohos
will find it.

So don’t pine for spring to get here soon. The coho craziness is
happening right now.

Go fish!

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