Singing Silently about Belize

It must have been a warm day just before the first lake-effect
snows turned the world white for the winter. It must have been
during the time my wife lit the fireplace for atmosphere rather
than extra heat.

That’s when the invitation must have been given to me to come to
Marquette and Munising for a week of “silent sports.”

Perhaps it was duty that made me say, “Sure, count me in.” I’m the
Great Lakes columnist for Michigan Outdoor News and Lake Superior
is certainly one of Michigan’s Great Lakes. But it’s far away and
less troubled than the other lakes so it gets short-shift in my
columns. I


Perhaps I should have listened to the advice of my mentor and
fellow MON columnist, Dan Donarski from Sault Ste. Marie. I once
asked how he endured the cold and long winters in the Upper-P. His
answer? “I go to Belize and guide fly fishermen for bonefish and
permit for several


Sage advice.

But now my trip is upon me. The weather prediction is for cold,
snow and wind. The advice I got from my hosts was to dress in
layers. So I’m attempting to put 100 pounds of layers into a
carry-on bag to ensure I have enough layers for the week. Will it
be a week of silent sports? Or will the sounds of winter include an
old man’s cries, whining and screams as they drag me to the
wilderness for another day of merriment?

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