Hunting Tips

Scout now for next season's buck

By John L. Sloan Maybe one of the most important factors of hunting a mature buck – post-season scouting – is no longer important to some deer hunters, being replaced by feeders, supplemental feeding and trail cameras. But it is…

Going horizontal: Tips on buying a crossbow

Like it or not, crossbows are here to stay, and more New York hunters are hunting with them every year. We talked to several archery pro shop owners about what new-to-the-sport crossbow buyers are looking for and just about all…

Take a seat and make the shot: A bowhunting option

A few years ago, a friend asked me whether I shoot standing up or sitting down while bowhunting. “Standing,” I replied. “Why don’t you sit; it’s a lot more comfortable,” he said. Actually, I never thought about it. Truth be…

Tips to increase your deer-calling success

By Gary Sefton “You’re not going to believe this,” the excited deer hunter exclaimed. “I hadn’t seen anything all morning, so I let my bow down and started to unfasten my safety belt.  I remembered my brand-new, never-used deer call…

Questions and answers: bowhunting whitetails

By Bob Fratzke This is a partial list of the questions most commonly asked over the years at the conclusion of my deer scouting and bowhunting seminars. Can you move at all on a treestand? Definitely, but it has to…

Tracking and trailing basics for bear and deer

By Bill Wiesner, Target Communications Outdoor Books The noise of a gunshot and shock of a bullet or slug has an understandable effect on any big game animal. It has been my experience in bear hunting that a bear shot with…

Five steps to taking trophy whitetails

By John Sloan It was all wrong. It was opening day, 95 degrees, with a full moon. All the articles by famous writers said it should be terrible daytime hunting. To make it worse, I had never seen the tree…

Summer an important time for scouting whitetails

By Bob Fratzke, with Glenn Helgeland This is only part of the year-round scouting you should be doing, but it is an important part. Whitetails have different habits or patterns – in the spring, coming into summer, once the season…

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