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00070-022.02 Blue Jay is perched in red oak during fall. Feed, acorns, food, cache, fall color.T35M:00890-045.01 Ring-necked Ph00274-398.07 White-tailed Deer B00120-005.11 Indigo Bunting male is perched in red splendor crab apple tree about to bloom.  Backyard, habitat, blue, landscape.00820-002.13 River Otter is peering curiously from edge of partially frozen marsh.  Fur, trap, weasel, playful, hide, pelt. H5F1June Black Bear 00040-0051000274-378.10 White-tailed Deer Buck: Young buck with odd tall antlers with long brow tines is in heavy cover during late summer.A saw-whet owl, like the one pictured here, will begin training to be an educational bird at the raptor center.01070-018.18 Snowshoe Hare (DIGITAL) shows remarkable crytic coloration as it sits in snow in forest typical of species.  H6L100515-079.10 Ruffed Grouse is feeding on crabapples during a winter snow storm. Food, fruit, habitat, landscape, hunt, cold, survive.August Porcupine 00910-00404 copy01262-018.17 American Woodcock: A well camouflaged bird  is resting while is sits on the ground in the typical habiat. Cryptic, hidden, forest.

Outdoor News 2017 Sportsmen’s Calendar


Great Gift Idea, and now with a quanity discount for every sportsman.

Give the perfect gift for the hunters and anglers on your shopping list.

Outdoor News Sportsman’s Calendar is a great source for hunters and anglers to plan their outdoor activities.

Each calendar is wire bound, easy to handle and includes:
• Beautiful Photography
• Holiday Dates
• Sport Show Dates and Locations
• Season Dates

• Application Deadlines
• Moon Phases
• Sunrise & Sunset Times

Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Quantity pricing includes shipping and handling.
$15 each for your first calendar, $12 each if you order more than one. If you wish to order more than 6 calendars at one time, please call 1-800-535-5191 24 hours a day to complete your order.

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