Niagara Gorge: Natural beauty, great fishing, step by step

The Niagara Gorge is something special. This is the stretch of the Niagara River that was formed when Niagara Falls slowly started to erode away the land around it. Starting at the escarpment in Lewiston, the powerful water chipped away…

Similarities in bass fishing on Erie, Ontario

If you're a bass fisherman on Lake Erie and want to try fishing on Lake Ontario, just bring your knowledge and baits. Ditto for Lake Ontario anglers wanting to tackle Lake Erie. Once you find the fish, you should be able to catch them.

Dealing with nuisance wildlife is no easy task

Setting a trap to deal with a nuisance wildlife problem is the easy part; dealing with what happens after the trap door closes can be more than what most homeowners bargain for. When faced with having to deal with nuisance wildlife, it may be better to let a professional handle it. 

TV hunting shows should focus on ethics

Ethical hunting is defined as abiding by the rules, taking only appropriate shots, respect for the game being hunted and respect for the rights of fellow sportsmen. These are the values we should be teaching any youngster in our tutelage. Sadly, this isn’t always the case.

Archery practice sessions can be boring but don’t need to be

Make the time now and break up the monotony of the solo backyard shooting session by using a few tricks to spice things up. Or head to the 3-D range for some different target looks and some quality practice and just plain fun. It’s time.

Hunter education at the 11th hour

Procrastination can be costly, and each year around this time many aspiring hunters find themselves on the waiting list to get their hunter education courses completed. Most want to get it under their belts by deer season, but they’re also missing out on the small-game seasons that are crucial training ground for young hunters. 

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