Outdoor Expeditions by Cory Yarmuth

Lure colors to match your needs

The action of the lure is a major part of it, but if you don't have a combination of that and the right colors, you are going to be left disappointed.

Bedding Bass — do you really fish them?

It seems to all come down to environment and habitat. You need to think about what impact you can have on the spawning of these fish if you do pull them off the beds.

Keep on fishing — one day at a time

As outdoorsmen and women, I think that we take the ability to get out fishing and hunting for granted. It isn’t until we lose the ability to get into the outdoors that we realize how much it really can heal what is wrong with us.

Fishing for answers: Is lead dead?

If you had to list all the advantages and disadvantages of lead vs. tungsten, I am sure you will have a list that balances each metal out.

This angler’s creed: whatever floats your bait

As fishermen, we tend to get caught up in the fast changing world of the fishing industry and new techniques are always a tantalizing option that peaks our interest. It is a case of the shiny object catching your attention and…

For a versatile angler, rivers are made for wading

To me, owning a boat is a wonderful thing, but it doesn’t mean that I need it to catch fish. In fact, I have found that some of my best fishing experiences have been in a pair of breathable waders standing in the middle of a flowing river.

Fish under ice, angler on top of ice

Much of Illinois is experiencing its first “real” winter in years, which means ice anglers are warming up to the idea of drilling holes and trying to pull panfish, walleyes and pike through the ice. It’s also a dangerous time for the inexperienced anglers.

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Cory Yarmuth is an experienced Illinois outdoorsman who has had a fishing rod in his hands for over 34 years. His father introduced him to the outdoors at an early age by taking him hunting for pheasants or chasing King salmon in rivers. These days Cory can often be found fishing the shorelines of Lake Michigan or out in my boat chasing a number of different species of fish. Along with being an outdoors writer, Cory is a local guide, seminar speaker and tournament fisherman.

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