Jeff Mulhollem

Researchers study impact of warming on salamanders

University Park, Pa. —Researchers in Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences are spearheading a four-year-old collaborative effort to assess the impact of a warming climate on the Eastern red-backed salamander, a creature that lives on or under the forest floor. Because these salamanders do not have lungs, breathe through their skin and must live in damp places, they are extremely…

Key bills likely to die on vine

With just a few days left in the legislative session as this issue went to press, it looked like none of the nine bills affecting hunters and fishermen had a strong chance of being approved and becoming law.

Whitetail taste test: Most invasive plants rejected

University Park, Pa. — Selective browsing by white-tailed deer likely is promoting the spread of some invasive plant species in northeastern U.S. forests, as deer avoid eating vegetation they find unpalatable. That’s the conclusion of researchers who conducted a study of deer dietary choices at the Penn State Deer Research Center, during which captive deer were simultaneously offered a selection…