Bill Hilts

In New York, 39-pound, 3-ounce king takes $25,000 Fall LOC prize

Sodus Point, N.Y. — Daniel Clinger of Jersey Shore, Pa. was fishing in the Fall Lake Ontario Counties (LOC) Trout and Salmon Derby out of Wayne County like he did every year for the last two decades. This time, though, lady luck was with him as he hooked into the fish of a lifetime. Fishing with his wife Ramona and…

Lake trout fishing regulations need to be revisited for the Lower Niagara River

Lake trout season opened up in the lower Niagara River and Lake Ontario on Jan. 1. The actual season runs for nine months, through Sept. 30. Then it’s shut down for three months, closed because of spawning considerations. Therein lies the problem. Fish with a closed season cannot be targeted to catch. It’s also a gray area for holding up one of these fish for a quick picture before its release.