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North Western Pennsylvania Fishing Reports

Northwest Pennsylvania Fish Report - August 28th, 2015

Lake Erie  — Depending on conditions, anglers in recent weeks were catching perch in 45 to 55 feet, although the bite had dropped off from earlier this summer. Early morning and dusk were the best times to fish minnow-tipped rigs. Walleyes were reported in 55 to 65 feet near the bottom from the Ohio line to the Point. Some walleyes were hitting off Shades Beach in 30 to 60 feet. Crawler harnesses were the ticket. Shore anglers were catching some brown trout during the mornings’ first light and during last light at dusk. Fly-fishermen were successful with black and brown nymphs.

Edinboro Lake (Erie County) — Largemouth bass were hitting tubes around grass in recent weeks.

Lake LeBoeuf (Erie County) — Frog patterns were taking bass in the evening hours in recent weeks.

Bull Dam (Erie County) — Bass were biting buzzbaits in recent weeks.

Lake Pleasant (Erie County) — This 25-acre natural lake was yielding bluegills and trout on crawlers and green PowerBait in early to mid-August.

Lake Wilhelm (Mercer County) — Reports on walleyes were mixed in recent weeks.

Shenango Reservoir (Mercer County) — Crappies 9 to 11 inches were reported by anglers fishing in 8 to 16 feet near or over brush as well as the edges of blowdowns. Soft plastic shad patterns were productive.

French Creek (Erie, Mercer, Crawford, Venango counties) —Flathead catfish, smallmouth bass and some sizeable walleyes up to 30 inches were reported in recent weeks. Anglers were doing well on live creek bait drifted weightless just below fast shoots of current, although some artificials, like a topwater frog pattern, also were productive on the bass. Numbers of northern pike were reported, with fish running 26 to 30 inches and hitting a variety of baits from spinners to stick baits, as well as creek chubs and shiners.

Pymatuning Reservoir (Crawford County) — A good walleye bite was reported as of Aug. 10, with fish hitting crawlers drifted in 8 to 15 feet, or Hot ‘n Tots or Shad Raps trolled in deeper water. Catfish were reported all over the lake, including the south end where channel cats were hitting chicken livers, drifted. A good muskie bite was reported, with some catches coming near the causeway. Crappies were taking minnows in the weedbeds. A few small perch also were reported.

Woodcock Creek Lake (Crawford County) — One angler caught walleyes and a bass on a panfish rod during a full moon in early August. Other anglers caught walleyes by floating crawlers under bobbers set at 3 to 4 feet. Catfish were reported.

Allegheny River (Venango County) — Reports on walleyes and smallmouth bass were mixed in recent weeks. A 27-plus-inch walleye was taken on a white spinner. Smallmouth bass were hitting green pumpkin tubes, and one 19¾-incher hit a watermelon-magic-color fluke. Scented pumpkin-colored tubes were catching numbers of smallies for at least one angler. Freshwater drum were reported.

Kahle Lake (Clarion County) — Numbers of largemouth and some nice-size bluegills were reported in recent weeks.

Upper Clarion River (Clarion County) — Numbers of smallmouths were reported, and some trout were still hitting in early- to mid-August.

Piney Dam (Clarion County) — A few walleyes and numbers of both channel catfish and smallmouth bass were reported in recent weeks.

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North Central Pennsylvania Fishing Reports

North Central Pennsylvania Fish Report - August 14th, 2015

Allegheny Reservoir (McKean County) — As water temperatures climbed in late July, walleyes moved to deeper, cooler water.

Cowanesque, Tioga, Hammond lakes (Tioga, Potter counties) — Bass anglers were doing well in the evening and nighttime hours in late July, as bass chased schools of young fish along the edges of the lake. The lunker in the recent Fourth Annual Tackle Shack/Tioga County Bass Angler tournament was a 5.11-pound largemouth. Most bass were in the 1- to 3-pound range. In total, 27 teams released more than 300 bass. 

Hamilton Lake (Tioga County) —Trout, crappies, bluegills, and yellow perch were reported on mealworms, waxworms and small plastics fished off of the bottom at July’s end.

Hills Creek Lake (Tioga County) — Numbers of panfish were hitting crawlers and fathead minnows, while poppers, top-water frogs, and other surface lures were taking bass in the evenings at the end of July.  

Driftwood Branch of Sinnemahoning, Kettle Creek (Cameron, Tioga, Potter, Clinton counties) — Bass and trout were hitting on crayfish at the end of July.

Pine Creek (Lycoming County) —Anglers were still catching trout in late July in good water levels. Yellow drakes, rusty spinners, terrestrials, and various nymphs and streamers were effective from Ansonia to Galeton. Bass were reported on nymphs, small streamers, and crayfish patterns, as well as small crawlers and mealworms.

Sinnemahoning Creek (Cameron County) — Channel catfish were biting at the end of July. 

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North Eastern Pennsylvania Fishing Reports

Northeast Pennsylvania Fish Report - August 28th, 2015

Lake Wallenpaupack (Pike County) — The warm weather of recent weeks had fish going deeper although lake levels have dropped, making early morning and late-afternoon and evening angling the most productive. Crappies were hitting small jigs.

Prompton Dam, White Oak Pond (Wayne County) — Smallmouth and largemouth bass were biting bigger jigs and crankbaits, while crappies were active on smaller jigs in recent weeks.

Duck Harbor, Long ponds (Wayne, Monroe counties) — Some perch and walleyes were reported in recent weeks.

Lackawaxen River —Trout were hitting for some anglers in recent weeks, although it depended on matching the hatch on any given day.

Frances Slocum Lake (Luzerne County) — Smaller panfish were reported in recent weeks. Bass anglers fishing stickbaits and diving lures were catching the occasional walleye in the evening.

Harveys Lake (Luzerne County) — Some anglers continued to catch brown trout in recent weeks.

Frances E. Walter Reservoir (Luzerne County) — Crappies, pickerel and trout were reported earlier this month. The crappies and pickerels were hitting in the Lehigh River branch of the reservoir. Crawlers and fathead minnows were productive.

Susquehanna River —Smallmouth bass were active earlier this month. Catfish were hitting at night for anglers fishing shrimp or liver.

Lily Lake (Luzerne County) —Bass and pickerel were active in recent weeks.

Pohopoco Creek, Beltzville Lake (Carbon County) — The creek downstream from the outlet of Beltzville Lake was yielding trout in recent weeks, after a recent stocking by a local sportsmen’s club. One angler caught a 25-inch channel catfish on a crawler at the outlet of the lake on a recent evening. The lake itself was yielding a few striped bass in the evenings.

Lehigh River — Smallmouth bass were hitting in recent weeks along the Bowmanstown and Parryville sections of the river.

Mauch Chunk Lake (Carbon County) — Good bass action was reported on this Big Bass Program water in recent weeks. Some perch and bluegills also were reported on meal worms and butter worms.

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South Western Pennsylvania Fishing Reports

Southwest Pennsylvania Fishing Report - August 28th, 2015

Youghiogheny River (Fayette County) — As of Aug. 12, anglers were catching smallmouth bass, freshwater drum, walleyes up to 20 inches, channel catfish, rock bass and trout. Trout were hitting mostly in the fast water, while the walleyes were in deep, slow water.

TenmileDunkard creeks (Greene, Washington counties) — Channel catfish and white bass were reported in recent weeks. The North Fork of Tenmile was yielding freshwater drum, smallmouth bass, rock bass and brown trout.

Whitely Creek (Greene County) — Rock bass and panfish were reported in recent weeks.

NorthCENTRAL Region

Pine Creek (Lycoming, Clinton counties) — Water conditions have been up and down in recent weeks. Don’s Tackle Shack reported good fishing as of Aug. 16, with a surprising number of trout for this time of year. Terrestrials were the ticket. Numbers of smallmouth bass were hitting little poppers and crayfish.

Tioga Lake (Tioga County) —Panfish were biting well in mid-August with some crappies in the mix. Don’s Tackle Shack reported one angler caught a 2.6-pounder on a small shad-shaped crankbait.

Hamilton Lake (Tioga County) — Water was starting to cool down to the mid-to upper 70s as of Aug. 16. Largemouth bass, about 1 to 3 pounds, were hitting topwater lures in the mornings and evenings and jigs and rubber worms during the day. Bluegills, crappies and perch were biting well. Don’s Tackle Shack reported fly-anglers were enjoying a lot of surface activity on ants and beetles.

Cowanesque Lake (Tioga County) — The evening bite was best for largemouth and smallmouth bass in mixed sizes up to 5 pounds. Topwaters were the ticket in the evenings and after dark. Striped bass about 24 inches were reported on shad-shaped crankbaits and shad patters, as well as top-water lures in the evening and late at night.


Juniata River (Juniata County) — Some nice smallmouth bass were released below the Port Royal Bridge. Anglers are reminded that on this section of the fishery, there is no harvest and fish must be immediately released. A variety of baits were working. Good live baits were stonecats, crayfish and hellgrammites, while productive artificials included small jerkbaits, tubes, twisters, and some top water lures.

Holman Lake (Perry County) — Largemouth bass in nice sizes were hitting at this Little Buffalo State Park impoundment as of Aug. 12. Panfish were reported in deeper water.

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South Central Pennsylvania Fishing Reports

South Central Pennsylvania Fishing Report - August 14th, 2015

Susquehanna River, Yellow Breeches Creek (York, Cumberland, Dauphin counties) ­— This year’s excellent white fly hatch peaked in late July, but was expected to last through early August. Numbers of bass were hitting on standard flies. Channel catfish also were active.

Juniata River (Juniata County) — Channel catfish, rock bass and smallmouth were reported, particularly in the morning and evening hours of late July.

Conowingo Reservoir (York County) — Walleyes and bass were reported through the end of July.

Raystown Lake (Huntingdon County) —Lake trout and yellow perch were reported during the midmorning hours of late July, while striped bass were biting best before dawn.

Juniata River (Perry County) —As conditions allowed, anglers were catching some bass through July’s end.

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South Eastern Pennsylvania Fishing Reports

Southeast Pennsylvania Fishing Report - August 28th, 2015

Lake Ontelaunee (Berks County) — Largemouth bass laying low during a heat wave in early August became more active following rainfall and lower humidity mid month. Soft plastic crawlers and crankbaits around lily pads were producing hits for some anglers.

Little Schuylkill River (Schuylkill County) — Trout were hitting early in the month on spinners, mealworms and red worms in the stocked section.

Locust Lake (Schuylkill County) — Some largemouth bass were reported on spinnerbaits, jigs and nightcrawlers in recent weeks. The deeper waters were yielding an occasional trout for some boaters.

Marsh Creek Lake (Chester County) — The deeper waters were yielding bass on crankbaits and spinnerbaits in black and purple, while a few bass were hitting around weedbeds on large soft plastics, including crawlers, and jigs. Bluegills and crappies were taking minnows as well as mealworms and wax worms. Muskie releases were reported, including some near shore on bass spinnerbaits.

Schuylkill River — The Black Rock Cromby Power Plant area down river to the Black Rock Dam area has produced some nice smallmouth bass this summer, with catches coming around weedbeds on soft plastic crayfish and crawler patterns. Flathead catfish were reported on live bluegills and crawlers. One fisherman caught a 40-plus pound flathead below the Black Rock Dam on a live bluegill. Channel catfish were being caught on liver and other baits. Anglers are reminded to stay clear of the fish ladder at the Black Rock Dam.


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