North Western Pennsylvania Fishing Reports

Northwest Pennsylvania Fish Report - August 15th, 2014

Lake Erie — As of Aug. 3, Poor Richard’s Bait and Tackle reported an excellent walleye bite on plugs and crawlers, with limits and nice sizes reported in 60 to 80 feet straight out of Walnut Creek. Perch had turned on, too, with great catches reported in 55 to 60 feet. In mid-July, the South Pier was yielding some perch, crappies, and catfish on minnows, crawlers and wax worms. A few catfish were still hitting in lower Elk Creek at night, with some channels nearly 10 pounds.

Presque Isle Bay — Panfish and pike and largemouths were hitting in Misery Bay and other parts of the bay, which is very weedy at this time of year.

Eaton Reservoir, aka Bull Lake, and Lake LeBoeuf (Erie County) — Nice crappie catches were reported in recent weeks.

Lake Pleasant (Erie County) — This 25-acre natural lake was yielding trout under slip bobbers, as well as bass and crappies.

French Creek (Erie, Mercer, Crawford, Venango counties) — Walleyes up to 21 inches were reported on shallow-diving crankbaits in crayfish color as conditions allowed through late July. The Utica to Franklin stretch yielded nice walleyes up to 20 inches on a small homemade spinner for one angler on a float trip. Bass up to 20 inches were released on crawlers drifted through riffles near Franklin. Smallmouth bass, northern pike and bowfins were reported at the Union City Dam outflow.

Pymatuning Reservoir (Crawford County) — The walleye bite was mixed through late July, although some limits and an 8-pound fish were reported. Some anglers did well trolling shad raps or hot-n-tots in water as deep as 23 feet, while others fished minnow plugs around weedbeds at night. Catfish were active. Largemouth bass also were reported. Some anglers did well on crappies through late July, jigging in 13 feet over brush. One angler caught a 15-incher and some nice bluegills.

Sugar Lake (Crawford County) — Northern pike were reported in recent weeks, along with a few trout and bass on crawlers and red worms.

Woodcock Creek Lake (Crawford County) — Smallmouth bass up to 5-plus pounds were reported on swimming tubes in recent weeks. One angler caught nice smallmouths on chatterbaits and swim jigs in shallow water.

Lake Wilhelm (Mercer County) — Walleyes up to 25 inches were reported on crankbaits. Bass also were hitting on soft plastics and chatterbaits. Some anglers did well on bluegills, pumpkin seeds, green sunfish, crappies and a few yellow perch on 32-ounce jigs. The crappies ran to 14 inches and were taken in nine to 11 feet around the marina launch and causeway.

Shenango River Reservoir (Mercer County) — The bass bite was slow for many anglers in July. No limits were released in a local tournament, where the best catch was three bass weighing 5.4 pounds. The largest bass didn’t clear 15 inches. Numbers of crappies from 7 to 13 inches were reported, with the smaller fish hitting near blowdowns along shore and bigger fish on brush in open water.

Oil Creek (Venango County) — Conditions varied in July; when fishable, anglers were catching smallmouth bass and some trout.

Justus Lake (Venango County) — Anglers reported catching some decent crappies in recent weeks.

Allegheny River — As conditions allowed, smallmouth bass up to 17-plus inches were released on soft plastics and square-bill crankbaits, and walleyes up to 21 inches were reported. 

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North Central Pennsylvania Fishing Reports

North Central Pennsylvania Fishing Report - August 15th, 2014

Cowanesque, Hammond lakes (Tioga County) — Don’s Tackle Shack reported good bass fishing July 31, with fish scattered shallow to 20 feet, and hitting jigs, top-water frogs, crankbaits, and finesse baits like drop-shots.

West Branch Susquehanna River  — Bass up to 18 inches were reported on crawlers and other baits and lures in recent weeks. Channel catfish also were hitting.

Upper Pine Creek (Lycoming County) — Trout were hitting dry flies during the late-July white fly hatch. Wet flies also were working. Smallmouth bass and rock bass were reported on crawlers.  

Rose Valley Lake (Lycoming County) — Largemouth bass were reported in the evening and after-dark hours, with crawlers and minnows effective.

Spring Creek (Centre County) — Fly-anglers were catching trout on crawler patterns, like San Juan worms, after rainfall on this limestone stream. Green Weenies were effective in mid to late afternoon.

Joseph Foster Sayers Lake (Centre County) — Depending on conditions, crappies were hitting in the evening hours, mostly from boats in deeper water, although the causeway and lake access areas were a somewhat productive for shore anglers fishing minnows or red worms. Bass were hitting on soft plastics and spinnerbaits around submerged road beds.

Black Moshannon Lake (Centre County) — Chain pickerel and bass were hitting from shore around boat mooring areas, with crawlers and minnows the tickets.

Bald Eagle Creek (Centre County) — Trout and bass were reported in the lower reaches on live baits, dry flies and nymphs.

Curwensville Reservoir (Clearfield County) — Tiger muskies up to 40 inches were reported in recent weeks, with some hitting 12-inch plugs, and others taking suckers, trout or bluegills

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North Eastern Pennsylvania Fishing Reports

Northeast Pennsylvania Fish Report - August 15th, 2014

Pohopoco Creek (Carbon County) — An early morning and evening bite continued with trout through July.

Lehigh River — Nice smallmouth bass were released, along with trout from Weissport to Bowmanstown pool through the end of July, with stickbaits and spinners productive. Catfish and eels were hitting at night.

Mauch Chunk Lake (Carbon County) — Bass continued to hit through the end of July, along with some nice-size perch and crappies on minnow-tipped jigs.

Beltzville Lake (Carbon County) — The upper areas of Preachers Camp boat access were yielding bass through the end of July. Striped bass up to 30 inches were hitting the early morning and evening hours in the same reaches and near Pine Run boat access. Chicken livers were taking striped bass and catfish.

Susquehanna River (Bradford, Sullivan counties) — The upper reaches were yielding bass on soft plastics and jigs, with green a productive color.

Susquehanna River (Wyoming County) — Walleyes were reported in recent weeks.

Lake Winola (Wayne County) — Bass and trout were reported in recent weeks.

Miller Pond (Wayne County) — Panfish were active on crawlers and bobbers in recent weeks.

Delaware River (Wayne County) — Smallmouth bass were active in the Upper Delaware, with small spinners and clippers productive.

Lackawanna Lake (Lackawanna County) — Bass were hitting soft plastics, like twister tails and rubber worms. Brown bullheads were reported on crawlers and red worms fished on the bottom. Panfish also were biting, with late afternoon to dusk productive.

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South Western Pennsylvania Fishing Reports

Southwest Pennsylvania Fishing Report - August 15th, 2014

Allegheny River (Allegheny County) — Walleyes were reported at the mouth of Deer Creek and bass and panfish near Lock No. 3.

Upper Deer Lake (Allegheny County) — Panfish were hitting in recent weeks, but sizes were running small.

Beaver River (Beaver County) — A slow night-bite on catfish was reported through mid-July.

Monongahela River (Greene, Washington counties) — A robust mayfly hatch in July got bass active and hitting a variety of baits. Flathead catfish were hitting cut baits and blood baits around the Deno and Rice’s Landing areas in recent weeks.

Allegheny River (Armstrong County) — A 45-inch flathead catfish was released around Freeport in recent weeks.

Youghiogheny River Reservoir (Westmoreland County) — A 7.48-pound largemouth bass was reported during a regional fishing tournament, where the winning catch was three fish (including the 7.48-pounder) totaling 12.30 pounds.

Donegal Lake (Westmoreland County) — Catfish were hitting in recent weeks, with the Hyatt’s Cove, and smaller boat ramp areas were productive for night anglers. During the day, nice-size largemouth bass were reported, along with crappies up to 16 inches.

Keystone Lake (Westmoreland County) — Largemouth bass were hitting at dawn and dusk.

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South Central Pennsylvania Fishing Reports

South Central Pennsylvania Fishing Report - August 15th, 2014

Susquehanna River — Through July 26, Koinonia Guide Service reported numbers of channel catfish up to 24-plus inches, and flatheads up to 41.75 inches long. The big flathead hit on live bait and the channels were released on fiber bait. White flies began hatching in mid-July and typically run through early August on the lower river, particularly just before and after dark. Smallmouth bass can be caught on size 12 white Wulff dries, small white poppers and gurgles. Floating crankbaits worked slowly at the surface also can be productive.

Juniata River — Smallmouth bass up to 14 inches were reported on blue damsel fly patterns and other size 14 surface flies. Bass up to 18 inches were hitting crayfish color crankbaits, soft stickbaits, flukes, and green pumpkin tubes.

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South Eastern Pennsylvania Fishing Reports

Southeast Pennsylvania Fishing Report - August 15th, 2014

Octararo Lake (Lancaster, Chester counties) — Jim Neary’s Bait & Tackle reported July 31 that largemouth bass were hitting 4- to 5-inch swim baits in pearl white or alewife color thrown to the far side of a school of gizzard shad and slowly worked through the school. Bass also were hitting double-bladed white spinnerbaits and rubber worms. Neary called the white perch bite fantastic, with some anglers releasing 40 in a day, although sizes were mixed from small to 10 inches. Little chunks of crawlers on the bottom were productive. Catfish continued to hit green nitro-worms after rainfall and clam snouts. Walleyes were reported on medium and large shiners at the covered bridge. Crappies were hitting down deep on large fathead minnows on 1⁄16-ounce jigs under slip bobbers.

Blue Marsh Lake (Berks County) — Some nice-size bass were reported on crankbaits, while catfish were hitting liver and crawlers through the end of July. Panfish also were reported.

Lake Ontelaunee (Berks County) — Bass were reported in recent weeks, with rubber worms or crankbaits fished through lily pads the tickets.

Susquehanna River (Lancaster County) — Smallmouth bass were reported on tubes and crayfish patterns as well as crayfish-color crankbaits well below Holtwood Dam.

Schuylkill River (Philadelphia County) — Channel catfish were reported by daytime anglers on livers, crawlers or bagels on the bottom below the art museum along Schuylkill Banks Trail. The Fairmount Dam was yielding small striped bass on rubber shad-pattern lures in recent weeks.

Nockamixon Reservoir (Bucks County) — The outflow was yielding walleyes, bluegills and bass.

Delaware River — Striped bass and catfish were reported around the Route 202 and Route 95 sections on live white perch or eels.

Lake Luxembourg (Bucks County) — Largemouth bass were hitting rubber worms and crankbaits in recent weeks. Bluegills, white perch and the occasional yellow perch were reported from the docks off Duchess Lane and other parts of the lake’s deep end. Bluegills were hitting pieces of crawler, mealworms, or rubber grubs.

Neshaminy Creek (Bucks County) — During average seasonal flow in July, sunfish were hitting earthworms, minnows, or jigs tipped with rubber split-tail bodies.

Perkiomen Creek (Montgomery County) — Smallmouth bass, rock bass, bluegills and other panfish were reported on live minnows, mealworms, shallow crankbaits, twister tails and other lures through the end of July.

Locust Lake (Schuylkill County) — Trout were reported from the deep water in the middle of the lake in mid-July, while shore anglers were catching bluegills and an occasional bass on crawlers.

Tuscarora Lake (Schuylkill County) — Largemouth bass, yellow perch and bluegills were hitting with live baits more productive than lures in clear water conditions.

Little Schuylkill River — Trout were reported by the few anglers targeting them in recent weeks.

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