Pennsylvania Outdoor News Fishing Report – July 15th, 2016


Lake Erie — Perch fishing was spotty in late June, with hit or miss catches in 40 to 55 feet. Some limits were reported in 52 feet of water out of Walnut Creek June 22. Walleyes were relatively shallow – 25 to 44 feet, with 44 feet the better depth – and hitting crawler harnesses in blues and greens. Out of North East Marina, walleyes were in 38 to 60 feet of water, depending on which side of the mountain anglers were fishing. Plugs were productive, but crawler harnesses in black and purple were better. The perch bite was slow.

Presque Isle Bay (Erie County) — Liberty Pier was a good spot for large rock bass and perch. Crawlers on crappie rigs were the ticket; small jigs tipped with grubs also were effective cast into 18 to 19 feet of water.

Eaton Reservoir, Lake LeBoeuf, Lake Pleasant (Erie County) — Panfish were hitting on grubs and minnows in recent weeks. LeBoeuf and Pleasant are natural lakes.

French Creek (Erie, Venango, Crawford, Mercer counties) — Anglers are reporting northern pike, walleyes, and smallmouth bass in the Crawford County stretch. Crankbaits, small bladebaits and stickbaits were effective.

Allegheny River (Venango County) — Smallmouth bass were reported in the Franklin area, with tubes, flukes, small jerk baits and crankbaits productive. Some anglers say this year’s numbers have been better than average, with fish coming near fast-current areas. Walleyes up to 26 inches also were reported. Muskies up to 45 inches and northern pike were reported.

Justus Lake (Venango County) —Some nice tiger muskies and rainbow trout were reported in recent weeks. Largemouth and smallmouth bass were hitting in the shallows on frogs and buzzbaits late in the evening and early morning hours.

Sugar Lake (Venango County) — Trout, including a 21-inch rainbow, were reported on waxworms and other baits in late June.

Pymatuning Reservoir (Crawford County) — Crappies were coming from deep structure, and anglers were using sonar to locate schools. Black crappies were running 8 to 11 inches, with a few larger ones in the mix. The white crappies were a little longer. Walleyes were hitting crawler harnesses during the day. The better walleye bite was after dark, with some anglers doing well on stickbaits. Two muskies – a 30-incher and 40-incher – were released in recent weeks. A nice number of bluegills, crappies and channel catfish were reported. Bass were in the weedbeds.

Conneaut Lake (Crawford County) — A good early morning bluegill bite started in 5 to 10 feet of water around weeds was reported in late June on the large natural lake.

Lake Wilhelm (Mercer County) — Some nice walleyes and largemouth bass were reported, along with crappies up to 13 inches. A 2.75-pound crappie was caught. Some bass were hitting deep with crankbaits or drop-shot rigs.

Shenango Reservoir (Mercer County) — Crappies were spawned out and had moved to deeper water by the end of June, while bluegills were still spawning throughout the reservoir. Many crappies were running small. Some white bass were reported. Channel catfish plus a few flatheads were reported in recent weeks, but the hybrid striper bite had slowed.

Lake Arthur (Butler County) — A good hybrid bass bite was reported in late June, with anglers doing well from shore at most access areas between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m. Shiny stick baits were the ticket.


Three Rivers (Allegheny County) — Anglers fishing Point State Park in downtown Pittsburgh where the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers meet to form the Ohio River were catching a variety of fish, including walleyes, bass, catfish and carp.

Monongahela River  — As conditions allowed, anglers were catching walleyes below Charleroi lock in June. The same spot yielded a quillback carpsucker for one angler.

Youghiogheny River (Fayette County) — As conditions allowed, anglers were catching smallmouth bass in recent weeks. A trout stocking was slated for the tailrace June 30 in anticipation of the July 4 weekend.

Youghiogheny River Reservoir (Somerset County) — Anglers were catching smallmouth bass, walleyes, and channel catfish in June.

Glendale Lake (Cambria County) — Nice crappie catches were reported at this 1,600-acre impoundment through the end of June.

Wilmore Dam (Cambria County) — Anglers were still catching trout at this 195-acre impoundment through the end of June.

Hinkston Run Reservoir (Cambria County) — A few anglers were catching nice-sized brown trout through the end of June.

Colver Reservoir (Cambria County) — A nice bluegill bite was reported in recent weeks.

High Point Lake (Somerset County) — Northern pike and sunfish were reported at this mountaintop reservoir in recent weeks.


Beechwood Lake (Tioga County)  —Numbers of walleyes were reported on crawlers and stickbaits, while bass were hitting top-water lures, jigs, and soft plastics in recent weeks. Chain pickerel were hitting on shad-profile crankbaits.

Cowanesque Lake (Tioga County) —Bass were hitting on jigs and soft plastics. A few bass anglers fishing large crankbaits and live bait reported an incidental muskie bite.

Hammond Lake (Tioga County) — Crappies, yellow perch and walleyes were reported, with crawlers the ticket for walleyes and perch, and crappies hitting minnow-pattern lures and stickbaits. Bass were taking top-water lures, crankbaits and spinnerbaits. Pickerel were hitting shad-profile crankbaits.

Hills Creek Lake (Tioga County) —Bass and pickerel were reported. The bass were hitting topwater lures and shiners. Pickerel were biting crankbaits.

Tioga Lake and spillway (Tioga County)  — Warm weather spurred the channel catfish bite in late June, with anglers doing well on cut baits. One angler caught a 22-pound channel cat.

Upper Pine Creek (Tioga County) — Water temperatures were as high as 76 degrees in late June. Anglers were catching trout on Blue-Winged Olive and caddis patterns (16-18). Terrestrials were catching trout on the surface. A few anglers reported smallmouth bass on small Wooly Buggers and Isonychia nymphs.

Rose Valley Lake (Lycoming County) — Bluegills and yellow perch were hitting a variety of baits, with red worms and wax worms particularly effective. A few walleyes were reported on minnows.

West Branch Susquehanna River  — Bass were hitting crankbaits and minnows and the occasional topwater lure. A few muskies were reported by bass anglers fishing large crankbaits.

Fishing Creek (Clinton County) — Trout were hitting small nymphs, such as Bead-head Pheasant Tails, Bead-head Green Weenies, and Bead-head Prince nymphs during the day. When trout were rising in the early morning and late evening, dry flies were effective in Tan Caddis, Light Cahill, midges, and Blue-Winged Olive patterns.

West Branch Susquehanna River  — Yellow perch and catfish were reported below the Lock Haven Dam, with minnows, lures and crawlers effective.

Foster Joseph Sayers Lake (Centre County) — Yellow perch and bluegills were reported on waxworms, red worms, and other live baits. Bass were hitting crankbaits and live minnows. A nice catfish bite also was reported, with one angler catching a 15-pounder.


Lake Frederick (Dauphin County) — A 46-inch tiger muskie was released in recent weeks.

Susquehanna River (Dauphin County)  — Bass were hitting plastic worms in motor-oil and dark-green colors in recent weeks.

Gifford Pinchot Lake (York County) — Largemouth bass were hitting swimbaits in recent weeks.

Conewago Creek (York County) — Catfish were hitting crawlers in recent weeks.

Juniata River (Huntingdon, Mifflin counties) — Nice-size smallmouth bass were reported in recent weeks. Catfish were hitting from shore at night.


Moon Lake, Sylvan Lake, Harris Pond (Luzerne County) — Fly-anglers targeting panfish with small poppers were doing well in late June. Trout were hitting small nymphs on a slow retrieve at Moon and Sylvan.

Lake Wallenpaupack (Pike, Wayne counties) — Walleyes, striped bass and catfish were reported in late June, with stripers hitting mostly on live baits, like herring and shiners.

Shohola Lake, Greely Lake (Pike County) — Bass were biting in recent weeks, along with perch and bluegills. The panfish were reported on live bait and small white jigs.

Little Lehigh River  — A good trico hatch was reported June 30, with the spinner fall starting at about 8 a.m .and going until 10 a.m.

Beltzville Lake (Carbon County) — Largemouth bass, including a 6-plus pounder, striped bass up to 26 inches, and pickerel were reported in recent weeks.


Octoraro Lake (Chester County) — Jim Neary’s Bait & Tackle reported July 2 that white perch were hitting like crazy on crawlers and fathead minnows. Anglers were doing really well on bass when slow-rolling white spinnerbaits or working square-bill crankbaits slowly. A lot of anglers were jigging and pigging in watermelon, blacks and blues, and pumpkin colors. Catfish were hitting near shore, but not being targeted as much as in previous weeks. The northern pike and walleyes bites were quiet.

Marsh Creek Lake (Chester County) — Bluegills and crappies were reported on mealworms, waxworms, minnows and small jigs in recent weeks. Bass were biting crawlers, minnows, crayfish, and other live baits as well as jigs, spinners, and crankbaits. Effective plastic worm colors were black, purple, dark green, and pumpkin seed.

French Creek, Pickering Creek, East Brandywine Creek, West Valley Creek (Chester County) — Although there were nice numbers of trout in good water levels, fishing pressure was down in June. Caddis and midge patterns were productive. A few anglers did well on sulfurs. Small Pheasant Tail and Hare’s Ear nymphs were effective.

Schuylkill River — Good smallmouth bass and largemouth bass bites were reported on spinners and crawlers. Large channel catfish and a few flathead catfish also were hitting in recent weeks.

Lake Galena, Pine Run Dam (Bucks County) — Shore anglers were catching bass and crappies on jigs, soft plastics, and plastic worms in recent weeks.

Delaware River — Crankbaits and diving minnows were taking smallmouth bass in late June. Anglers targeting flathead catfish were using live bluegills near structure in deeper water.

Lake Nockamixon (Bucks County) — Anglers reported some success fishing top-water lures for striped bass. Catfish anglers were doing well on chicken livers and crawlers.


Compiled by Deborah Weisberg

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