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North West Ohio Fishing Reports

Northwest Ohio Fishing Report - January 16th, 2015

Indian Lake (Logan County) – Anglers are reporting catching bluegills, crappies, and even a few saugeyes through the ice. Successful fishermen are using jig and minnow combinations or just straight maggots on a hook and ice bobber combo.

Maumee River (Wood County) - Anglers are catching walleyes in the deeper pools of the river. The best baits seem to be 1⁄16- to 1⁄8-ounce lead head jigs with two-inch tails.

Bresler Reservoir (Allen County) - This 581-acre lake in Allen County has been giving up some walleyes and yellow perch this winter when the weather cooperates. Try crawler harnesses for the best bite.

Grand Lake St. Marys (Mercer and Auglaize counties) – Ice varies in thickness here, but anglers are reporting catching bluegills and crappies when conditions permit. Try mousies or waxworms under an ice bobber for the best bite.

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North East Ohio Fishing Reports

Northeast Ohio Fishing Report - January 16th, 2015

Mosquito Lake (Trumbull County) – Anglers are reporting up to four inches of good ice on Mosquito, according to local angler Mike Mainhart. During times when ice becomes thin, anglers are drilling holes around the lake’s docks and catching yellow perch.

Tuscarawas River (Tuscarawas, Coshocton counties) - When river conditions have been right over the past several weeks, anglers have been catching northern pike in the stretch of the river from Dover to Coshocton on Husky Jerks and Rogues.

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Central Ohio Fishing Reports

Central Ohio Fishing Report - January 16th, 2015

Buckeye Lake (Fairfield, Licking, and Perry counties) – Anglers are trying for bluegills, crappies, and saugeyes with some luck. The popular set up has been jig and minnow combinations or waxworms under a bobber. Be sure to check with local bait shops before venturing out. With changing and warming weather patterns, conditions can change very rapidly. When the lake has open water, anglers have had good success catching saugeyes on jerkbaits near the main boat launch. Anglers were also catching bluegills and crappies in the Fairfield Beach area.

Knox Lake (Knox County) –  Reported catches include nice crappies, keeper bluegills, and even some channel catfish. Anglers are using jigs tipped with waxworms for the best bite.
Division of Wildlife,

Alum Creek Lake (Delaware County) – A few saugeyes are being caught below the spillway by anglers casting suspending jerk baits, such as Husky Jerks and Rogues. Good colors are blue chrome and clown. A slow retrieve is proving the best presentation right now. Anglers are also reporting catching more fish after dark.

Deer Creek Lake (Madison, Fayette, Pickaway counties) - Fishing pressure has been light, the water is low, and the bite is slow. A few saugeyes are being reported caught below the spillway. A few anglers have reported catching channel catfish on cut baits, as well.

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South East Ohio Fishing Reports

Southeast Ohio Fishing Report - January 16th, 2015

Dillon Lake (Muskingum County) – Dillon rarely gets ice fished because of fluctuating water levels. Open water anglers, however, have been catching bluegills and crappies here. Target areas with structure. Anglers fishing the spillway area have been catching a few saugeyes.

Seneca Lake (Noble and Guernsey counties) – Anglers fishing the spillway of this lake recently have been catching a few saugeyes. This lake has a big problem with snaggers, so it is policed fairly hard by the DNR Division of Wildlife. If you see a snagger, report him or her to the division at 1-800-POACHER.
Division of Wildlife, District 4,
(740) 589-9930

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South West Ohio Fishing Reports

Southwest Ohio Fishing Report - January 16th, 2015

Paint Creek Lake (Highland County) – Paint Creek Lake has a layer of skim ice, particularly around the shoreline, making bank fishing a tough proposition. The remainder of the lake is open and anglers are catching good numbers of crappies on baby shad imitating baits and minnows. Fishing below the dam is fair at best with low flow affecting the fishing prospects. A few saugeyes are being caught and the occasional crappie is also coming in for saugeye anglers.
Cole’s Bait and Tackle,
(937) 365-1436

Caesar Creek Lake (Warren County) –  Anglers are catching crappies in 15 feet of water using minnows under a bobber and casting jigs. Look for any type of downed cover, particularly in the north end of the lake for the best bite.

Rocky Fork Lake (Highland County) – The crappie bite at Rocky Fork has been steady, with anglers catching fish near the restaurant and boat docks. Most fish have been in the seven- to nine-inch range, with some up to 11 inches. A few saugeyes are also being caught, up to 13 inches.

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South West Ohio Fishing Reports

Lake Erie Region Fishing Report - January 16th, 2015

• The daily bag limit for walleye in Ohio waters of Lake Erie is six fish per angler. The minimum size limit for walleye is 15 inches.
• The daily bag limit for yellow perch is 30 fish per angler in all Ohio waters of Lake Erie.
• The trout and salmon daily bag limit is two fish per angler. The minimum size limit is 12 inches.
• The daily bag limit for black bass (largemouth and smallmouth bass) on Ohio waters of Lake Erie is five fish per angler. The minimum size limit for black bass is 14 inches.

Where: Walleyes were caught through the weekend in open water between Cedar Point and Huron, and off Cleveland harbor. Weather conditions will most likely limit open water fishing opportunities.
How: Anglers trolling were using deep diving crankbaits (Deep Husky Jerks and Reef Runners) and shallow diving crankbaits (Husky Jerks and Perfect 10s) in the top half of the water column. Anglers fishing from shore and piers are casting shallow diving crankbaits.

River ice is breaking up and slush is much reduced on the Rocky and Chagrin rivers, according to Mike Durkalec at Cleveland Metroparks.  The northern mile of river and slower stretches have the most ice.  Looking ahead in the forecast, this situation is expected to continue to improve, although depending on how much rain we receive the rivers could get muddy. Last week, the river stayed quite muddy at flows that are typically transitioning to green. The river currently has good flow and stain, but slush and ice has become an issue. The marina area was iced over all the way across. Expect mornings to have the worst slush, which typically burns off appreciably throughout the day (especially if the sun peeks out).
For anglers who don’t like a lot of company out there, this cold weather is really thinning the herd. Anglers have been hooking up on a variety of offerings, including dime/nickel size spawn sacks, minnows (live or salted), small marabou jigs tipped with maggots, white tube jigs, salmon-egg mimicking beads, and various fly patterns (small eggs, streamers, and nymphs). Steelhead are well distributed throughout the watershed at this time, although the bulk of the fish down by the marina have been skippers (smaller 15- to 18-inch trout), with a greater proportion of adult fish as you move upstream. So far, this year has been above average on the Rocky for numbers, but bigger fish (28 inches plus) have been few and far between. Steelhead on the Chagrin are up into North and South Chagrin reservations in decent numbers, as well, and up to the Route 82 dam on the Cuyahoga River.

Cleveland Metropark inland lakes are mostly covered by a thin layer of ice. Anglers can fish these areas from the safety of shore where the water drops off quickly, such as off docks, fishing platforms, and the sandstone ledges at Wallace Lake. The following lakes received trout in mid-December:  Wallace Lake (900 pounds), Shadow Lake (450 pounds), Ledge Lake (450 pounds), Ranger Lake (100 pounds), and Judge’s Lake (100 pounds). Daily trout limit is three per day in these waters, with the exception of Shadow Lake, which is five per day.  The rainbow trout averages between 3⁄4 pound and 2 pounds, with a handful of bonus golden rainbows and brown trout also released in Wallace. Trout continue to be caught on Power Bait (rainbow and other bright colors have been best) about the size of a marble near the lake bottom with a small sinker, small jigs tipped with bait (maggots, waxworm, minnow, corn) suspended under a float, as well as lures like small spoons, spinners, and Gulp minnows. The lakes have offered a mix of thin ice cover with some open water. The second (and final) winter trout stocking will be sometime in early February.

A strong west wind left the protected bay at E. 55th Street as one of few Lake Erie shore fishing options. Although fishing for steelhead was slow there, anglers reported a good bite a few days prior. Small jigs tipped with emerald shiner minnows and a few maggots two to four feet under a bobber accounted for many of the steelhead caught along the lakefront this fall, although a spawn sack, minnow (on a small hook, not a jig), or nightcrawler dangled a few feet under a bobber can also be productive. A few boaters were out over the past week still catching some walleyes and yellow perch off Cleveland.
Cleveland Metroparks, www.clevelandmetroparks.com

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