North West Ohio Fishing Reports

Northwest Ohio Fishing Report - August 29th, 2014

 Barton Lake (19 acres; Williams County) - Largemouth Bass: Anglers have been having success fishing for largemouth bass in the mornings. Try using topwater lures in the mornings at the southwest side of the lake. A ramp for small boats is available. There is a limit of 10 sunfish area wide, and a three bass split limit. (Anglers may keep only two bass less than 14 inches and 1 bass 20 inches or larger.)

Upper Sandusky Reservoir #2 (118 acres; Wyandot County) - Channel catfish: have been biting on nightcrawlers. The best time and place has been in the morning east of the boat ramp. Bluegill: have also been biting recently; try using shrimp or bits of nightcrawlers.

Fremont Reservoir (100 acres; Sandusky County) - Crappie: Anglers are catching eight-to-nine-inch crappies during the evening at the new Fremont Reservoir. Try using minnows and light-colored jigs near the boat launch area. 

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North East Ohio Fishing Reports

Northeast Ohio Fishing Report - August 29th, 2014

Portage Lakes (2,034 acres; Summit County) - Located a few miles south of Akron. These lakes are bordered by State Route 224 on the north, County Road 50 on the east, State Route 93 on the west, and County Road 224 on the south. Eight lakes encompass 2,034 acres. All lakes have a 400-horsepower limit, except for Nimisila Reservoir, which allows only electric motors. Eight boat launch ramps provide access to the lakes. All areas are “no wake” except for portions of Turkeyfoot Lake and East Reservoir. Bass: Anglers are catching bass adjacent to weed beds on bass jigs. The bite has been solid with nice size fish being landed. Crappie: are being targeted in eight to 10 feet of water on offshore structures such as weed beds, habitat structures, and natural contour breaks. Anglers are using small jigs with minnows.

Shreve Lake (62 acres, Wayne County) - Approximately 1.2 miles west of Shreve, north of State Route 226. County Road 149 is on the western boundary, Clinton Township Road 138 is on the eastern boundary, and Clinton Township Road 316 runs east and west through the area. A boat launching ramp is accessible from Township Road 316 on the southeast corner of the lake. Boats are restricted to electric motors only. A fishing pier designed for people with disabilities is located near the boat launching ramp. Channel catfish: are being caught on the north end of the lake by the stump field. Anglers are using chicken liver and cut bait on bottom. Sunfish: are biting well from shore, try using red worms or waxworms on small hooks under a float.

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Central Ohio Fishing Reports

Central Ohio Fishing Report - August 29th, 2014

Kokosing River (Knox County) - Part of Ohio’s first water trail, this stream provides a good day on the water catching smallmouth bass and rock bass. Smallmouth bass: Use small tubes or crankbaits in crayfish or shiner patterns around woody cover, boulders, and eddies. Rock bass: can be caught in the same areas with the same baits as smallmouth bass. Channel catfish: can be caught in deep pools using shrimp, nightcrawlers, and prepared baits.

Rush Creek Lake (289 acres; Fairfield County) - Channel catfish: can be caught in this lake east of Lancaster. Use cut shad, shrimp, or nightcrawlers fished in east or south ends for best results. Bluegill: are providing some action around cover in the east end. Use waxworms or redworms fished under a bobber. Largemouth bass: are also being caught here on spinnerbaits; target the woody cover in the southern part of the lake. Largemouth bass must be 15 inches or longer to keep. There is a 10-horsepower limit on the lake.

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South East Ohio Fishing Reports

Southeast Ohio Fishing Report - August 15th, 2014

Hocking River (Athens and Hocking counties) – Channel catfish: The Hockingport area is generally a great place to find catfish. Use cut baits and chicken livers. The river at White’s Mill in Athens is another popular hot spot. Parking for access is on West Union Street. Fish above the island on the north bank with live baits just off the bottom. Smallmouth bass: can also be found at White’s Mill and other areas throughout the river. Use soft craws, jigs with minnows, and a variety of artificial baits. When river levels are lower, you should be able to find fish concentrating in deeper pools.
Wills Creek Reservoir (375 acres; Coshocton County) – Bluegill: Use worms fished below a bobber throughout the shoreline to reel in some of these popular fish. Channel catfish: Use cut baits, chicken livers, or nightcrawlers fished tight-line in the spillway area below the dam or the fishing pier. Saugeye: The hot spot to fish is usually just below the dam, especially during the high volume water releases. Try white or chartreuse jigs tipped with minnows.
Lake White (333 acres; Pike County) – Black bass: Largemouth and spotted bass may be a little harder to catch this time of year, but they can still be found in the lake. Pay particular attention to visible structure. Artificial lures such as rubber worms, spinner baits, and crankbaits work well. The riprap face of the dam and boat docks are good areas to try. Channel catfish: Try fishing chicken livers or nightcrawlers on the bottom. Night fishing is popular with anglers. A great area to target is the upper part of the lake near where Pee Pee Creek enters the lake, especially after a rain.

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South West Ohio Fishing Reports

Southwest Ohio FIshing Report - August 29th, 2014

Cowan Lake (Clinton County) - Bluegill: are being caught by anglers using nightcrawlers or waxworms. There are good fishing opportunities along woody debris shorelines and pier areas. Channel catfish: Anglers are having success using chicken livers, cut bait, shrimp, and nightcrawlers. Cast from the pier area. Keep the bait off the bottom and about three to six feet deep. Anglers should keep in mind that there is plenty of forage for fish this time of the year, which can result in lower success while angling. Be patient.

Rocky Fork Lake (Highland County) - Bluegill: are being taken at four to eight feet using red worms and waxworms. Look for shoreline areas with woody debris or submerged trees and brush to be most productive. A variety of catfish: are being caught by anglers using nightcrawlers, shrimp, stink bait, cut bait, and chicken livers. Fish the bait tight-line along the bottom in 5- to 10-foot depths. Saugeye: As water temperatures cool down, try trolling crankbaits, casting jigs, or drifting with a nightcrawler harness.

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South West Ohio Fishing Reports

Lake Erie Region Fishing Report - August 29th, 2014

Western Basin


Where: Walleye fishing has been slow in the western basin and fewer anglers have been targeting them. The best reports have come from west of Rattlesnake Island up to the Canadian border, including Northwest Reef and the red bell buoy near the Canadian border. Other spots to try include West Sister Island, Green Island, and off Cedar Point.

How: Anglers trolling are using worm harnesses with inline weights, divers or bottom bouncers, and spoons pulled behind divers. Anglers casting are using mayfly rigs or are drifting with bottom bouncers and worm harnesses.

Yellow Perch

Where: Yellow perch fishing has been good based on numbers of fish, but the size of fish has been running small, including a lot of throwbacks. The best spots have been north of West Sister Island, north of the “B” and “C” cans of the Camp Perry firing range, the red bell buoy north of North Bass Island, Rattlesnake Island, south of Green Island, Lucy’s Point of Middle Bass Island, and southeast of Kelleys Island.
How: Perch spreaders with shiners fished near the bottom produce the most fish.

Smallmouth Bass

Where: Smallmouth bass are being caught on the reefs of the Camp Perry firing range, around Kelleys Island, and around North Bass Island.
How: Smallmouth bass have been caught on tube jigs, crankbaits, or jerkbaits.

Largemouth bass

Where: Largemouth bass are being caught in the harbors and bays in the western basin and along the main lake shoreline around Catawba.
How: Largemouth bass are being caught on crankbaits, spinner baits, and soft plastics.

Central Basin


Where: Fishing has been good at the dumping grounds off Huron, off Ruggles Reef, and near the weather buoy at the north end of the Sandbar. Fishing has slowed down in the Cleveland area. Excellent fishing has been reported in 70-to-74 feet of water north of Geneva and in 70-to-74 feet of water north-northeast of Ashtabula.
How: Anglers are using wireline, divers, with worm harnesses and stick baits.

Yellow perch

Where: Anglers are catching some perch off the condos east of Vermilion, off St. Anthony’s near Lorain, and in 40 to 50 feet of water north of Gordon Park and in 45-feet of water north of Wildwood Park. Excellent fishing has been reported in 53 to 63 feet of water northwest of Fairport Harbor and in 53 to 64 feet of water north of Ashtabula. Fishing from shore has been spotty off the E. 55th Street and E. 72nd Street piers in Cleveland and at the long pier off Mentor Headlands.
How: Perch spreaders with shiners fished near the bottom produce the most fish.

Smallmouth bass

Where: Fishing has been good around the harbor areas in Cleveland, Fairport Harbor, Geneva, Ashtabula, and Conneaut.
How: Anglers are using drop shot rigs with leeches and soft craws.

White bass

Where: Anglers fishing from boats are catching white bass north of Cleveland, Eastlake, and Fairport Harbor in 20 to 40 feet of water. Watch for the gulls feeding on the surface and the white bass will be below the school of emerald shiners. Anglers fishing from shore are catching fish off the piers in Cleveland, Eastlake, and the Grand River, with the evenings being the best. It is always hard to predict when the fishing will pick up for white bass.
How: Anglers are using small spoons, spinners, and agitators with jigs tipped with twister tails. 

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