North West Ohio Fishing Reports

Northwest Ohio Fishing Report - April 25th, 2014

Maumee and Sandusky Rivers- Recent rain may cause fluctuating river levels. Be sure to check current conditions at Walleye: Anglers are catching lots of fish and quite a few limits are being taken. Fish survey crews have seen a lot of fish, including many large females. The most commonly used bait is a Carolina rigged twister tail with an 18- to 24-inch leader with 1⁄4- to 1⁄2-ounce of weight depending on the water flow. The daily bag limit for walleye, saugeye, and sauger is four fish from March 1 to April 30. Minimum size limit is 15 inches.

Upper Sandusky Reservoir #2 (118 acres; Wyandot County) – Crappie: As water temperatures increase, try fishing around standing timber and brush. Live minnows fished under a bobber usually produce the best; however, some anglers cast 1⁄8-ounce jigs with a twister tail tipped with a waxworm. Boat ramp and dock available, but boats are restricted to electric motors only. Reservoir closes at 10 p.m.

Delta Reservoir #2 (50 acres; Fulton County) - Trout: The reservoir was recently stocked by the Division of Wildlife. Anglers have been having good success using Power Bait and small spinners.

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North East Ohio Fishing Reports

Northeast Ohio Fishing Report - April 11th, 2014

Aquilla Lake (Geauga County) – Aquilla Lake is located within the Ohio Division of Wildlife’s Aquilla Lake Wildlife Area, approximately one mile north of U.S. 322 and 0.5 mile east of Aquilla Road (County Highway 58) in Aquilla. Shore and boat fishing are allowed. Boats are allowed with electric motors only. A boat ramp is located on the east side of the lake. Crappie: minnows on a No. 6 or smaller hook or small jigs with or without minnows. Largemouth bass: spinnerbaits, surface lures, and plastic worms. Sunfish: Waxworms, maggots, or small worms, small hook (No. 10 or smaller).

Pymatuning Lake (Ashtabula County) - Pymatuning Lake is located approximately one mile east of Andover and one mile north of Jamestown, Pa. State Route 85 (Ohio) bisects Pymatuning Lake’s northern and southern sections and becomes State Route 285 at the Pennsylvania border (which is approximately one mile east of Pymatuning Lake Road). Five boat-launch ramps in addition to 360 docks are available for seasonal rental. A 20-horsepower motor limit is in effect. Many boat rental concessions are located around the lake. Read page 13 of the 2014-2015 Ohio Fishing Regulations regarding Pymatuning Lake license and bag limit regulations. Bluegill: Use a No. 10 or smaller hook. Channel catfish: relatively close to shore in spring, use shrimp, nightcrawlers, or chicken livers or a sliding sinker rig with swivel to keep the weight from hitting the hook (such as what would be used for fishing for bass with plastic worms) on a No. 4 hook. Crappie: small jigs with or without minnows or minnows on a No. 6 or smaller hook. 

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Central Ohio Fishing Reports

Central Ohio Fishing Report - April 25th, 2014

Alum Creek Lake (3,269 acres; Delaware County) - Saugeye: Fish minnow-imitating crankbaits along the dam and causeways at dawn and dusk. Fishing the points with jigs tipped with a minnow can also be productive. After a water release, fish the spillway with jigs. Crappie: Try jigging off deep points that have old stumps and in the northern basin of the lake around fallen trees in the creek channel. Crappies are staging in deep water close to spawning sites. Crappie must be nine inches or longer to harvest.

Delaware Lake (1,017 acres; Delaware County) - Crappie: Fish the old river channel and deep water with woody cover using a jig tipped with a minnow. Use slip bobbers to place the bait over the fish. As water warms this spring, crappies will move to shallower water to spawn. Nine-inch minimum length limit on crappies. Channel catfish: Target the north end of the lake using cut bait or chicken livers. White bass: In late April to mid-May white bass will begin moving up streams to spawn; use spinners and jigs.

Antrim Lake (42 acres; Franklin County) – Rainbow trout: Antrim Lake, on the north side of Columbus, was stocked with 10- to 13-inch rainbow trout on Friday, April 18. There will be an area for youth fishing only (15 years old and younger). A variety of baits prove successful for these hatchery-raised fish. Try corn, cheese, marshmallows, or prepared baits such as Power Bait. The bag limit is five trout and anglers 16 and older must have a fishing license. No boats are permitted at Antrim Lake.

Indian Lake (5,040 acres; Logan County) – Saugeyes and crappies are the two most active fish right now in this lake northwest of Columbus. Saugeye: Are being caught with tubes and jigs tipped with a minnow. Fish the Old Indian Lake area, south of Dream Bridge, and Moundwood areas. The riprap along Southbank is also worth a try. Crappies: Are being caught using jigs or jigs and minnows around woody structure and boat docks. Crappies are also being caught where lily pads will grow this spring. As water warms, crappies will move to shallower areas to spawn.

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South East Ohio Fishing Reports

Southeast Ohio Fishing Report - April 25th, 2014

 Burr Oak Lake (632 acres; Athens and Morgan counties) - Crappie: Try fishing over structure locations using minnows or twisters tipped with a minnow with very light tackle. Fishing the shoreline, where fallen trees have been secured, should produce results. Largemouth bass: Try throwing jig-n-pig combos, spinnerbaits, or crankbaits. Fish management staff has regularly placed structure throughout the lake; contact the District 4 office to obtain a structure map.

Lake Hope (120 acres; Vinton County) - Largemouth bass: Try a variety of artificial baits, including shallow running crankbaits. As weather temperatures increase, so will the fishing action. Bluegill: Fish live bait, including waxworms and nightcrawlers fished under a bobber. Channel catfish: A decent rainfall event can create some great conditions; try fishing the bottom using cut bait in the evening or early mornings, especially as temperatures begin to climb.

Muskingum River (Morgan, Muskingum and Washington counties) - Crappie: Both the pools and tailwaters offer good early crappie fishing. Try fishing heavy cover with small jigs or minnows. Spotted bass: As temperatures increase, try casting rubber worms, crankbaits, and spinners over submerged structure, docks, weed beds, and deep holes. Anglers have reported limited success in the past. Flathead catfish: These fish prefer live bait such as gizzard shad. Try using shad eight inches or larger. Success for these fish will continue to increase as temperatures warm throughout the spring and summer.

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South West Ohio Fishing Reports

Southwest Ohio FIshing Report - April 25th, 2014

Tawawa Lake (Shelby County) - Rainbow trout: Was stocked with trout on April 16. Try using small spinners or jigs tipped with waxworms. The daily catch limit is five trout per angler.

Davis Lake (Auglaize County) - Rainbow trout: Was stocked with trout on April 17. Try using small spinners or jigs tipped with waxworms. The daily catch limit is five trout per angler.

East Fork Lake (Clermont County) - Crappie: Try using live minnows, or jigs with plastic bodies. Anglers should concentrate on fishing in the shallow areas near stickups and brush piles. Anglers can also try following the wood lines back into the tributary creeks. Spotted and largemouth bass: Try using spinnerbaits and plastic jigs colored black and blue. Hybrid striped bass: Are being caught off the beach parking lot by fishing chicken liver just off of the bottom. Channel catfish: Try using nightcrawlers as bait.

Grant Lake (Brown County) - Crappie: Should be turning as water temperatures rise. Anglers should try fishing the boat ramp south to the dam and along brushy shoreline areas. Try minnows with floats at about two to three feet down. Jigheads with small tubes or curly tails are also recommended.
Caesar Creek Lake (Warren and Clinton counties) - White bass: Try the upper end of the lake where the two creeks pass under State Route 380 and Roxanna-New Burlington Road. Use small spinners or white or chartreuse jigs. Muskie: Fish in water 10 feet deep or less – some off main lake flats, the backs of coves, and some were caught off riprap. Try crankbaits: Jakes, Shallowraiders, etc. Try lipless crankbaits fast through brush piles and banging them off rocks.

Lake Loramie (Auglaize and Shelby counties) - The annual fishing derby and campout will be held at Lake Loramie State Park, Friday, May 2 through Sunday May 4. This event is the unofficial kickoff of the camping season, and there is no fee to enter. Chili soup will be served on Saturday along with hikes and other kids activities. Pre-register at the main park office or camp office for the fishing derby on Saturday, May 3. You can also register the day of the event. This event runs 9 a.m. - noon and is open to the public. Fishing derby is at Earl’s Island Pavilion. For information, call the park office at (937) 295-2011.

Grand Lake St. Marys (12,680 acres, 56 miles of shoreline; Auglaize & Mercer counties) - Crappie: Fish are biting well along docks and brush. Try using chartreuse, pink, or white colored jigs approximately 1.5 to 2 feet deep.

C.J. Brown Reservoir (1,970 acres, 14 miles of shoreline; Clark County) - Walleye: Try early morning boat fishing using jigs tipped with a nightcrawler over the mid-lake humps and in the north end of the lake. Remember, there is a 15-inch minimum size limit and daily bag of six on walleye. Bluegill: Can be caught around the rocky shorelines of the dam and the marina. Also, try fishing the wooden piling structures near the boat ramp and campground. Use waxworms or red worms fished under a bobber.
Adams Lake (Adams County) – Rainbow trout: Anglers are catching trout by using waxworms, Power Bait, or corn. Try fishing areas with submerged trees and brush. Keep the bait about two to three feet deep.

Paint Creek Lake (1,190 acres, 30 Miles of Shoreline; Highland and Ross counties) - Saugeye: Anglers are reporting success below the spillway. Try fishing jigs with minnows or nightcrawlers.

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South West Ohio Fishing Reports

Lake Erie Region Fishing Report - April 25th, 2014

• The daily bag limit for walleyes on Ohio waters of Lake Erie is four fish per angler from March 1 through April 30. The minimum size limit for walleyes is 15 inches.
• The daily bag limit for yellow perch is 30 fish per angler on all Ohio waters of Lake Erie.
• The trout and salmon daily bag limit is two fish with a minimum size limit of 12 inches.
• The black bass (largemouth and smallmouth bass) daily bag limit is five fish per angler with a 14-inch minimum size limit. 


Where: Fishing has been excellent. Anglers trolling caught large fish outside of the reef complex, mostly south of “F” and “G” cans of the Camp Perry firing range, and also along the east buoys of the firing range. Anglers jigging caught fish on the reefs of the Camp Perry firing range and also in eight to 15 feet of water along the shoreline west of the firing range.
How: For trolling, using deep diving crankbaits such as Rapala deep husky jerks and Reef Runners caught fish primarily in the middle of the water column at speeds around one  mph. Hair jigs tipped with emerald shiners are the most popular jigging lures.

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