North West Ohio Fishing Reports

Northwest Ohio Fishing Report - April 11th, 2014

Indian Lake (Logan County) – Reports indicate that the Moundwood channel on Indian Lake is getting some angling pressure. Fishermen are throwing Rapalas and jigging spoons tipped with minnows to catch saugeyes and some panfish.

Maumee River (Lucas County) - River conditions have been moderately high, but have begun to come down to fishable conditions. Walleye: A few fish are beginning to show up. The most commonly used bait is a Carolina rigged twister tail with an 18- to 24-inch leader with 1⁄4 to 1⁄2 ounce of weight, depending on the water flow. The daily bag limit for walleye, saugeye, and sauger is four fish from March 1 - April 30. Minimum size limit is 15 inches.
Maumee Bait and Tackle,

Sandusky River (Huron County) – River conditions are low right now. Walleye: Very few fish are present at this time. As temperatures and water levels rise, expect more fish to show up.

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North East Ohio Fishing Reports

Northeast Ohio Fishing Report - April 11th, 2014

Aquilla Lake (Geauga County) – Aquilla Lake is located within the Ohio Division of Wildlife’s Aquilla Lake Wildlife Area, approximately one mile north of U.S. 322 and 0.5 mile east of Aquilla Road (County Highway 58) in Aquilla. Shore and boat fishing are allowed. Boats are allowed with electric motors only. A boat ramp is located on the east side of the lake. Crappie: minnows on a No. 6 or smaller hook or small jigs with or without minnows. Largemouth bass: spinnerbaits, surface lures, and plastic worms. Sunfish: Waxworms, maggots, or small worms, small hook (No. 10 or smaller).

Pymatuning Lake (Ashtabula County) - Pymatuning Lake is located approximately one mile east of Andover and one mile north of Jamestown, Pa. State Route 85 (Ohio) bisects Pymatuning Lake’s northern and southern sections and becomes State Route 285 at the Pennsylvania border (which is approximately one mile east of Pymatuning Lake Road). Five boat-launch ramps in addition to 360 docks are available for seasonal rental. A 20-horsepower motor limit is in effect. Many boat rental concessions are located around the lake. Read page 13 of the 2014-2015 Ohio Fishing Regulations regarding Pymatuning Lake license and bag limit regulations. Bluegill: Use a No. 10 or smaller hook. Channel catfish: relatively close to shore in spring, use shrimp, nightcrawlers, or chicken livers or a sliding sinker rig with swivel to keep the weight from hitting the hook (such as what would be used for fishing for bass with plastic worms) on a No. 4 hook. Crappie: small jigs with or without minnows or minnows on a No. 6 or smaller hook. 

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Central Ohio Fishing Reports

Central Ohio Fishing Report - April 11th, 2014

Buckeye Lake (Fairfield, Licking, and Perry counties) – As of April 2, water levels were low at Buckeye but coming up, reports Bob Mathie at Bob’s Outdoor Supply in Newark. Anglers have been catching small bass on spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and by flipping fat tubes, Mathie reports.  Thornport has been the place for crappies; fish for them shallow on warm, sunny days. The catfish bite has turned on some, with good catches of channels coming on cut shad. The saugeye bite has been spotty – decent one day and non-existent the next. Successful saugeye anglers are catching fish on crankbaits such as Smithwick Rogues, Rapala X-Raps, and Rapala Husky Jerks. A good safety tip that Mathie offers for boating anglers this time of year is to be sure to anchor your boat off the bough rather than the back. This will make it so the anchored portion of the boat is sitting into the wind. Buckeye can be rather choppy, especially in the early spring. For hybrid striped bass, fish along the north shore between Seller’s Point and Watkins Island in four to eight feet of water. Try using chicken livers fished on the bottom or suspended under a bobber. For largemouth bass, focus on fishing channels where the water is the warmest; plastics can be productive.
Bob’s Outdoor Supply, 740-349-0992

Hoover Reservoir (Delaware, Franklin counties) – Crappie: As temperatures climb, crappies should be at or moving to pre-spawn areas. For larger crappies, target deep drop-offs or creek channels with woody cover using jigs and minnows. Saugeye: In early spring, large numbers of saugeye can be found at the dam. Try using minnow-imitating lures close to the bottom for saugeyes. There is a 10-horsepower limit at this reservoir.

Alum Creek Lake (Delaware County) - Fishermen are focusing their efforts on the spillway below the dam since the ice has come off this central Ohio lake. Very few reports, however, indicate that the saugeye bite here is a tough one. For best results, try throwing jig and maggot combinations or Jigging Rapalas.
Norton Sporting Goods, 740-726-2616

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South East Ohio Fishing Reports

Southeast Ohio Fishing Report - April 11th, 2014

 Dillon Lake (Muskingum County) – Dillon has been running muddy, reports Bob Mathie at Bob’s Outdoor Supply, but bass tournaments started up there last week. It’s a tough bite for largemouths, though. “Dillon’s usually pretty tough for bass in the early spring,” Mathie reports. A good tip for this time of year is to fish the little pond below the spillway for crappies. Shoreline anglers can usually pick up a few fish by simply fishing the stick-ups around the edge of the pond.
Bob’s Outdoor Supply, 740-349-0992

Wills Creek Lake (Muskingum and Coshocton counties) – Fishing pressure and success have been low here, reports Bob Mathie at Bob’s Outdoor Supply. Some crappies and saugeyes are being caught, but nothing much in the way of size to report. Area anglers fishing strip pits are doing well on largemouth bass, however. One angler caught an 8-pound largemouth recently out of one of the area pits and another hooked one that would have tipped the scales at 6-7 pounds, Mathie reports. This is a good time of year to fish inline spinnerbaits right along the water’s edge to pick up largemouths, Mathie said. 
Division of Wildlife, District 4, 740-589-9930
Bob’s Outdoor Supply, 740-349-0992

Wolf Run Lake (Noble County) - Rainbow Trout: The annual trout stocking took place on April 3. A variety of baits, such as corn, cheese, small spinners, or prepared baits, can produce a successful experience for anglers. Daily limit of five fish. Largemouth bass: Fish near shallow structures such as tree stumps, fallen trees, or weed bed edges. Spinnerbaits, rubber worms, crankbaits, and jig-n-pig combinations all work well. Three fish split daily limit with two fish less than 15 inches and one fish greater than or equal to 20 inches. 10-horsepower limit.

Tycoon Lake (Gallia County) - Crappie: Fish minnows or white or chartreuse twister tails in two-to-eight-foot depths near brush piles, stick-ups, or old submerged fencerows. Largemouth bass: Jig-n-pig combos have been typical early spring success baits while fished along the old fencerows or among the many subsurface stumps. Three fish split daily limit with two fish less than 15 inches and one fish greater than or equal to 20 inches. Electric motors only.

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South West Ohio Fishing Reports

Southwest Ohio FIshing Report - April 11th, 2014

Rocky Fork Lake (Highland County) –  Rainbow Trout: Stocked on April 3. Trout have been stocked in a blocked-off bay at the campground marina for a youth fishing event, and it has excellent shoreline fishing access. Try using small spinners or jigs tipped with waxworms. The daily catch limit is five trout per angler.
Division of Wildlife,

Grand Lake St. Marys (Mercer County) - Crappie: Fish minnows or crappie jigs in the creeks and channels, near brush piles. The Outdoorsman recently held its first crappie tournament of the spring. The winning team of Jim and Doug Freeman brought 10.16 pounds of crappies to the scales.

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South West Ohio Fishing Reports

Lake Erie Region Fishing Report - April 11th, 2014

• The daily bag limit for walleyes on Ohio waters of Lake Erie is four fish per angler from March 1 through April 30. The minimum size limit for walleyes is 15 inches.
• The daily bag limit for yellow perch is 30 fish per angler on all Ohio waters of Lake Erie.
• The trout and salmon daily bag limit is two fish with a minimum size limit of 12 inches.
• The black bass (largemouth and smallmouth bass) daily bag limit is five fish per angler with a 14-inch minimum size limit. 


Over the past week, there has been very little fishing activity on Lake Erie. The ice is breaking up, but as of April 1 there is no safe open water, according to the DNR Division of Wildlife.


Where: Panfish have been caught in East Harbor.
How: Most panfish have been caught on ice jigs tipped with waxworms or soft plastics.
A total of 500 pounds of trout were stocked in Wallace Lake in Cleveland Metroparks on April 2 instead of the Rocky River because the river is still muddy and there is more rain in the forecast. Trout are biting well at Wallace, Shadow, and Hinckley lakes. Lake-run white suckers are in thick at Morley Ford on the Rocky and are biting well despite the stained water.
The Rocky and Chagrin rivers are currently clearing with a nice green stain in the deeper areas, but that could change before the weekend depending on how much rain is received. As the water has cleared, steelhead fishing has improved and offerings like white tube jigs drifted under floats and streamer pattern flies have begun producing as well, or even better than, spawn sacks. Although steelhead numbers in the rivers are decent at this time, the next warmer rain we receive is expected to draw in many more fish. Overall, it seems the harsh and lingering winter has delayed the spring steelhead run a bit. Relatively few larger fresh (chrome) steelies have been caught, with the bulk of the catch being adult steelhead (24-30 inches) with some darker coloration and skippers (15-20-inch smaller steelies). The spring run will only continue to improve in the coming weeks.
The white sucker run is gaining steam in the northern Rocky, with areas downstream of Rockcliff Springs access and Morley Ford being traditional sucker hot spots. A leadhead jig with twister tail, nymph flies, or worm and small sinker fished near the river bottom will all take their share of suckers. For some anglers, harvesting suckers for use in making fish patties is a spring tradition. Recipes can be found online if you want to give this a try.
The Lake Erie shoreline is still mostly locked in with ice, but as it melts anglers can find crappies, largemouth bass, steelhead, and northern pike prowling nearshore areas for baitfish. Steelhead are more nomadic while the remaining species tend to be more structure oriented. A small watercraft will increase an angler’s opportunities in this area.
The second spring stocking of trout in the East Branch Rocky River was conducted April 1. So far, a total of 1,200 pounds of rainbow trout were stocked between Royalton Road (Rt. 82) and the ford crossing just south of Wallace Lake, with the spot on the upstream side of Bonnie Park dam receiving the heaviest load of fish.
Cleveland Metroparks,

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