Hunt results suggest spring was tough on grouse, woodcock

Hunt results suggest spring was tough on grouse, woodcock

Spring drum counts for ruffed grouse were up from last year by 34 percent, but results from the Ruffed Grouse Society’s annual National Grouse and Woodcock Hunt were about the same as 2013.

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Gobbler hunting strategies: The snood reveals the mood

During that turkey hunting moment of truth, closely watch that fleshy appendage hanging off the beak of a boss tom.

Three great stands for hunting the rut

Narrowing down my top stand sites for hunting the rut to only three is not easy.

Deer and bowhunting: Treestand safety starts now

Leaving up your stands all year can lead to dangerous hunting situations.

Alaska Game and Fish shares bear safety tips

Although the heavy winter snow may have them wanting to hit the snooze button, it won't be long before local bears begin to rise and shine for the spring.

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Take figure-eight to next level with 'Hang Move'

Muskie fishermen who practice figure eights after every cast know the maneuver will increase their catches by around 25 percent each season

Lay Over Walleyes

Anglers love to follow cliches. Many of these cliches get taken as truths and get repeated until nobody ever questions what them

Water temp is key to locating Great Lakes trout, salmon

If there’s one absolute about how water temperatures affect salmon movement in the Great Lakes, it’s that there is absolutely no magic formula for homing in on the hottest bite.

A Bass'n Plan: Open water tactics for 2014

Top presentations for spring bass

A bass anglers approach to electronics

Properly employing digital age components will help you catch more fish

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2015 brings more value-priced ATVs, bigger side-by-side UTVs

Manufacturers of traditional ATVs and the increasingly popular side-by-side UTVs are expanding their lineups at both ends of the spectrum.

Fathers Day 2014 Gift Guide

Getting the best gift for the guy who got you started

So many great lines... so little time to fish

In 2014’s new fishing line, choices abound for any style of angling

Wireless fishing electronics: A look at the brave new world of on-the-water Wi-Fi

Where once Lowrance’s iconic “Green Box” revolutionized fishing by showing anglers what lies beneath the surface

Outdoor Steward: Outfitting your ATV for field work

Reaping the greatest benefit from your wooded land or other rural property requires employing good stewardship practices

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It’s wader season

Whether hunting or fishing, a good pair of waders will come in handy at some point this fall.

Deer Hunters: take a field photo of your buck worthy of framing

Tips for taking an excellent photo of your buck after harvest

Prime time autumn upland bird hunting: woodcock season

Flight Times: With timberdoodle migration kicking in, get ready for wet boots and surprising flushes.

Another look at Audubon’s State of the Birds report

Your favorite bird species, like loons, eagles, and even some waterfowl, could lose a huge percentage of their habitat this century.

Bowhunting's 'stuff' a lengthy list

Gearing up for another archery season

Thinking wood ducks, teal, and mallards for the 2014 waterfowl opener

Small water opener: Ducks on the mind? Then scout some secluded waterholes now for jumpshooting later

So you want to be healthy: Go hunting

Wild game meat is, in general, a healthier alternative than store-bought meat

The fine (easement) print in federal duck stamp increase legislation

Prohibit acquisition with the proposed $10 increase in the cost of the federal Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp? No thanks.

Proper clay target shooting starts with the correct shotgun mount

Point and shoot: whether it’s trap, sporting clays, skeet, or wild birds, your wing-shooting skills can benefit from these tips

Crunching the numbers for autumn whitetail hunting 2014

Take deer inventory now to set your 2014 season goals.

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Fajita Kabobs

Looking for a recipe that makes a tough cut of meat something worth savoring?

Spicy Grilled Hungarian Partridge

With grouse and partridge seasons here, you couldn’t find a better reason to fire up the grill this fall for this simple, yet elegant presentation that uses your fresh birds

Aging & Cutting Game Meat

What Makes Wild Meat Tough? There are two factors: the animal itself and the hunter.

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Ontario unveils a few new fishing rules for 2014

No updates to OWI rules from last year

A bass’n plan: Head south for open water

The Great Lakes region offers fabulous bass fishing – except during the winter when the lakes are frozen and the seasons are closed.

Road Tripping for turkeys: Planning your 2014 Spring Hunts

Short of a thunderous gobble on the roost, nothing gets a spring gobbler hunter’s thoughts racing more than the words “road trip.”

Road-Tripping for Turkeys: Plan now for spring of 2013

It’s never too early to start planning for the spring of 2013.

Trolley Rides Allow Those With Physical Limitations to Experience the Mickelson Trail near Deadwood, South Dakota

Black Hills visitors with physical limitations have an opportunity to view the Mickelson Trail on Tuesday, June 5.

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