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For some hunters, duck season’s end ‘fantastic’

For some hunters, duck season’s end ‘fantastic’

On Nov. 10, a cold front whipped through Minnesota, and for most duck hunters, just like that, the season crashed to an early end, nearly a month before its official end

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Remember all aspects of safety during this deer hunting season

Whether you're hunting via firearm, archery, or muzzleloader (in a treestand or ground blind) have a mental safety checklist whenever you head afield.

Archery hunting during the deer rut — bowhunting advice from an expert

Successful Pope and Young record holder offers advice on how to be successful at archery hunting during the rut.

Gobbler hunting strategies: The snood reveals the mood

During that turkey hunting moment of truth, closely watch that fleshy appendage hanging off the beak of a boss tom.

Three great stands for hunting the rut

Narrowing down my top stand sites for hunting the rut to only three is not easy.

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Ice fishing tip: Searching for suspended crappies before drilling holes

Find fish with less effort by sonar reading through the ice rather than drilling more holes.

Ice fishing tip for walleyes and panfish: try big, flashy, noisy spoons

When early hard water arrives, attract fish first, then determine what lure triggers bites. And don’t be afraid to start big and work down.

A simple minnow-hooking technique for open water or hard-water fishing [Video]

Whether it’s live fatheads or frozen shiners, hooking your minnows the right way produces more strikes from walleyes, perch, crappies, and pike alike.

Butchering Big Game

When you do your own butchering, you know that the meat has been handled with care, and you get the cuts you prefer.

Remember all aspects of safety during this deer hunting season

Whether you're hunting via firearm, archery, or muzzleloader (in a treestand or ground blind) have a mental safety checklist whenever you head afield.

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Ice show season: Checking out innovations for hard water 2014-15

From tip-ups to headlamps to augers, some highlights from last weekend’s 22nd Annual St. Paul Ice Fishing and Winter Sports Show.

Holiday Gift Guide for the Naughty or Nice

After a season of hunting and fishing, the outdoor enthusiasts in your life are sure to know what gear needs replacing, upgrading, or retiring

2015 brings more value-priced ATVs, bigger side-by-side UTVs

Manufacturers of traditional ATVs and the increasingly popular side-by-side UTVs are expanding their lineups at both ends of the spectrum.

Fathers Day 2014 Gift Guide

Getting the best gift for the guy who got you started

So many great lines... so little time to fish

In 2014’s new fishing line, choices abound for any style of angling

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There are good ways and bad ways to deal with a skunk in a trap

Blogger’s friend learned about the drawbacks of trapping nuisance urban skunks.

Post-summit thoughts on the future of farm-country pheasants and upland game hunting

An optimistic group of hunters, conservationists, farmers, and wildlife professionals rendezvoused for first-ever Minnesota Pheasant Summit in Marshall where they devised some top wildlife priorities for the region.

Hunters need to practice their craft

Veteran processor chimes talks about poorly hit deer

Is Minnesota’s wolf season too conservative?

Hunters and trappers hit their late-season quotas in record time.

Taking a stand: When the 'right' tree is all wrong

Find the right hunting spot first

‘Wired Arrow Outdoors’ owners, pro-staff, charged with illegal harvest of 18 deer

An Illinois Conservation Police investigation into the Wired Arrow Outdoors television show has resulted in the company’s owners, pro-staff members and guests being charged with 134 wildlife violations

My deer treestand is a special place in the forest

Many deer hunters enjoy returning to the same spot season after season, no matter what the results.

Snowed up: Think white camouflage for archery whitetail success in December

Without snow camo for late-season deer, you’re selling your bowhunting or muzzleloading opportunities short

Waiting out whitetails, part 2

A recent firearms deer hunt in northwest Minnesota proves the grass isn’t always greener beneath another stand

Dissecting a bowhunting buck miss: Lessons learned the hard way

Many things went wrong during encounter with big 8-point

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Fajita Kabobs

Looking for a recipe that makes a tough cut of meat something worth savoring?

Spicy Grilled Hungarian Partridge

With grouse and partridge seasons here, you couldn’t find a better reason to fire up the grill this fall for this simple, yet elegant presentation that uses your fresh birds

Aging & Cutting Game Meat

What Makes Wild Meat Tough? There are two factors: the animal itself and the hunter.

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Writer's treehouse stay doesn't disappoint

House built by Ohio couple near Mohican

Ontario unveils a few new fishing rules for 2014

No updates to OWI rules from last year

A bass’n plan: Head south for open water

The Great Lakes region offers fabulous bass fishing – except during the winter when the lakes are frozen and the seasons are closed.

Road Tripping for turkeys: Planning your 2014 Spring Hunts

Short of a thunderous gobble on the roost, nothing gets a spring gobbler hunter’s thoughts racing more than the words “road trip.”

Road-Tripping for Turkeys: Plan now for spring of 2013

It’s never too early to start planning for the spring of 2013.

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