Bear hunters donate $100,000

Bear hunters donate $100,000

The fight against efforts to repeal wolf hunting in Michigan received a massive cash infusion last month when the Michigan Bear Hunters Association made a $100,000 donation to Citizens for Professional Wildlife Management.

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Gobbler hunting strategies: The snood reveals the mood

During that turkey hunting moment of truth, closely watch that fleshy appendage hanging off the beak of a boss tom.

Three great stands for hunting the rut

Narrowing down my top stand sites for hunting the rut to only three is not easy.

Deer and bowhunting: Treestand safety starts now

Leaving up your stands all year can lead to dangerous hunting situations.

Alaska Game and Fish shares bear safety tips

Although the heavy winter snow may have them wanting to hit the snooze button, it won't be long before local bears begin to rise and shine for the spring.

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Gobbler hunting strategies: The snood reveals the mood

During that turkey hunting moment of truth, closely watch that fleshy appendage hanging off the beak of a boss tom.

Spring into action: Decoy setups through the season

It would be difficult to pin down the single biggest technological improvement in the spring turkey woods today, but decoys would certainly be in the conversation

How to make a rolled roast

How to bone a front leg

Now that you’ve cut up the carcass, it’s time to bone the meat. Boning is easier than bone-in butchering, and usually results in tastier meat.

How to bone a hind leg

Now that you’ve cut up the carcass, it’s time to bone the meat.

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Put down the iPad and scout on foot this spring and summer

Whether it's watching birds or other wildlife, or monitoring game animals via trail cam, the author wonders: Does anyone go outdoors anymore?

Live life to the fullest

Get outdoors – now

Wolters’ Gun Dog: A Great Place to Start for New Bird Dog Puppy Owners

Over the course of the last few weeks, I’ve received dozens of messages from bird hunters excited to welcome a puppy into their lives for the first time this spring.

Turkey-hunting's top tactic: The nap

You don't snooze, you lose

Chasing times: Giving spring gobblers an earful

Aggressive calling tactics for turkey hunting often win out over subtle, yelp-and-wait strategies.

Rumors of ducks’ demise is greatly exaggerated

Waterfowl die every winter and this year is no different, but reports of dire situations for ducks and geese have been exaggerated.

Are turkey hunters making their sport too complicated?

Try a simpler approach during the 2014 spring turkey hunting season

Wild turkey scouting, hunting, and calling primer for 2014

Practice makes perfect: Don’t wait until the season opener to open up that new turkey call.

Patterning for the season: Testing a new turkey load

Winchester Long Beard XRs offer optimism

Scouting spring turkeys: Search for longbeards now, tag out later.

Scout hard enough you’ll see gobbler patterns emerge from the hunting chaos.

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Preparation is the key to dining on good deer

In the coming several weeks, hunters will acquire tons – literally – of good meat for the table.

Pecan Turkey with Maple Sauce

With maple season in full swing, now is a great time to enjoy some of that fresh, boiled sap.

Venison stew with barley

Many recipes lend themselves to substitutions… if you don’t have turkey, then chicken may be very tasty, as well. It’s no different when it comes to big game.

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A bass’n plan: Head south for open water

The Great Lakes region offers fabulous bass fishing – except during the winter when the lakes are frozen and the seasons are closed.

Road Tripping for turkeys: Planning your 2014 Spring Hunts

Short of a thunderous gobble on the roost, nothing gets a spring gobbler hunter’s thoughts racing more than the words “road trip.”

A Rite of Winter: Western Big-Game Hunting Deadlines

The west is home to elk, bear, antelope, mule deer and whitetails but it also has opportunities for more exotic species like ibex, oryx and javelina.

Road-Tripping for Turkeys: Plan now for spring of 2013

It’s never too early to start planning for the spring of 2013.

Trolley Rides Allow Those With Physical Limitations to Experience the Mickelson Trail near Deadwood, South Dakota

Black Hills visitors with physical limitations have an opportunity to view the Mickelson Trail on Tuesday, June 5.

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Wireless fishing electronics: A look at the brave new world of on-the-water Wi-Fi

Where once Lowrance’s iconic “Green Box” revolutionized fishing by showing anglers what lies beneath the surface

Outdoor Steward: Outfitting your ATV for field work

Reaping the greatest benefit from your wooded land or other rural property requires employing good stewardship practices

The year in boats: the best and brightest for 2014

For 2014, anglers have some great options to choose from, whether they want a NASCAR-sexy walleye boat or simply a modest 16-foot fishing rig

New Outboard & Trolling Motors for 2014. The whole works: Gas and Electric

It seems like four-stroke outboard motors continue to be the major push by most manufacturers

22 Outdoor Gift Ideas for 2013

Most hunters and anglers are fine with a gift certificate to their local sporting goods store for their Holiday gift. But that’s not very personal, now is it?!

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