Sell Me Your Dog

Posted on March 14, 2011

It's time for me to get serious about adding bird dog number two. As you may have picked up on through my previous postings, I am absolutely in love with my German shorthaired pointer. However, I'm open to considering other breeds for dog number two.

We all know how attached bird hunters are to their favorite breed, so today's exercise will be to persuade me to focus my attention for dog number two onto YOUR FAVORITE breed.

Here's a profile of the most important bird dog attributes to me and my wife:

As a Pheasants Forever guy, my pup has to be a good pheasant dog, get along with other dogs and be easy for me to handle in a wide range of settings.

As a native of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, I grew up as a ruffed grouse hunter and still do a lot of "partridge" hunting.

My wife grew up with a Lab, so she prefers a "larger" dog, but is sensitive / allergic to dogs that shed a lot.

I grew up with a Brittany in the grouse woods, so I'm partial to pointing breeds.

We don't have kids at this point, so our bird dog gets a lot of attention and tends to get spoiled.

We live in the suburbs on a one acre lot.

Dogs live inside the house with us.

I love chasing sharpies, prairie chickens, and Huns across the big prairie grasslands of the West.

I'd like to do more quail hunting in the coming years and there is probably a ptarmigan hunt on the horizon.

I rarely duck hunt. When I do chase waterfowl, it's typically in a field blind.

In the comment section below, SELL ME YOUR DOG!

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