Duluth, Minn. The Minnesota DNR is expanding the Moose Mountain Scientific and Natural Area and has extended the deadline for public comment until March 31, 2004.

Posted on March 5, 2004

The current 55-acre Moose Mountain SNA was established in 1989 to protect old-growth sugar maple, basswood, and oak forest, along with plant and animal species. A new purchase, initiated by the landowner, of a neighboring 122-acre tract will be added to the SNA in 2004. By state law, SNAs are closed to hunting and trapping unless opened through a public hearing process. The DNR says deer browsing is negatively affecting vegetation and is considering opening the SNA to deer hunting.

For more information or to offer comment on whether or not deer hunting should be allowed (and in what form), contact Steve Wilson, DNR regional and scientific natural area specialist, at 650 Hwy. 169, Tower, MN 55790; call (218) 753-2580, ext. 270; or email, steve.wilson@dnr.state.mn.us.