Want a Bug Free Summer?

Nothing wrecks a great time in the outdoors like insects. Especially biting insects. Mosquitos, black flies, ticks and sand flies are the top of the list of destroyers of summer fun.

Best Bait for Walleye?

Fishing walleyes with artificial lures or live bait, which is the best? Read the surprising results from a survey of experienced walleye anglers on their tactics.

Invasive northern pike again threaten Nevada fishery

Comins Lake was well on its way to recovery after the state restocked the fishery with largemouth bass, brown and rainbow trout in 2015. But invading pike continue to make a mess of what was once one of the most popular fisheries in the state.

Government urged to avoid salmon protection rules

The Columbia-Snake River Irrigators Association wants the government to convene a Cabinet-level committee with the power to allow exemptions to the Endangered Species Act. Known as the "God squad'' because its decisions can lead to extinctions of threatened wildlife, it has only gathered three times – the last 25 years ago during a controversy over spotted owl habitat in the Northwest. 

Cougar makes rare successful crossing of L.A.-area freeway

It is only the fourth known successful crossing of the 101 in the 15 years that researchers have been studying the big cats in the Santa Monica Mountains. The freeway and other roads are life-threatening to the region's lions – 17 documented road kills since 2002.

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