Nearly $32 million awarded in boating, tourism grants

Those fishermen who typically winterize their boats around Labor Day and put them away until the following spring may feel good about getting all in order before the first snowfall of the season, but they also miss out on some wonderful and enjoyable fall fishing opportunities.

With funding from three grant programs, it was announced Friday that $32 million in maritime- and boating-related grants will be awarded to “benefit boating recreation and tourism by improving boating infrastructure, keeping water clean for anglers, and preserving maritime heritage and inland waterways,” according to a July 7 release by the U.S. Department of the Interior.

The national funding came via the Boating Infrastructure Grant program ($14.7 million), the Clean Vessel Act program ($15.4 million) and Maritime Heritage Grants ($1.7 million).

Among Great Lakes states receiving funding from the aforementioned, Michigan led the way with grants totaling $1.15 million, followed by Ohio ($611,772), Wisconsin ($425,841), New York ($418,181), Pennsylvania ($207,689), and Illinois ($82,277 total), according to the release. Minnesota was among about two dozen states that weren’t included in the funding dispersion.

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