Committees OK Wisconsin woodchuck season bill

Semiautomatic rifles would need to be .22 caliber or less to hunt small game, woodchucks (pictured above) or furbearers within Special Regulations Areas.

MADISON, Wis. — The Legislature’s outdoors committees have approved a bill that would create a woodchuck season.

The Republican bill would remove woodchucks from the Wisconsin’s protected species list and establish a hunting and trapping season that would run from July through December with no bag limits.

The Assembly’s Natural Resources and Sporting Heritage Committee amended the measure earlier this week to establish a year-round open season on the animals on an 11-2 vote and passed the bill 9-4.

The Senate’s Sporting Heritage, Mining and Forestry Committee met on the bill on as well. That panel signed off on the amendment 5-0 and passed the bill 4-1.

Committee approval clears the way for votes in the full Senate and Assembly.

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