This angler’s creed: whatever floats your bait

As fishermen, we tend to get caught up in the fast changing world of the fishing industry and new techniques are always a tantalizing option that peaks our interest. It is a case of the shiny object catching your attention and then you will focus on that.

When I was a young boy, I started with the simple red and white round bobber with a simple hook and nightcrawler. This eventually was taken over with a new style of stick style bobber and then finally the slip float took over from there. They all served their purpose and I guess started my progression into constantly changing my techniques.

There are times that you really need to slow things down and get back to where it all started. I am learning that there is nothing wrong with sitting on a lawn chair on the dock with a fishing pole resting on my lap. I sit there and just watch as my float dances on the waves just waiting for that tell-tale dip.

Whether you want to call them floats, bobbers, or corks it really doesn’t matter. They all serve the same purpose. These wondrous devices suspend your bait in the water offering a tasty treat to anything that might come swimming by.

Too many people tend to look down on those that are fishing with this simplified method. It tends to get a stigma that it is for the inexperienced. To that I say “no way”! In fact I find that there is a large amount of skill that can be involved with this type of fishing, but let’s save that for another article.

There really isn’t a species of fish out there that can’t be caught with a simple float and bait combination. If you follow the show “Hot Tuna” you might even notice that they use a float. Their float is a balloon that is used to suspend the bait in the right zone where these fish are holding. It is also used to get the bait away from the boat.

We all started fishing is some fashion or another, but I would have to guess that everyone started with a bobber on the end of their line. How long has it been since you have given this a try again?

I bet it is probably too long.

The next time you are pounding the water trying to a froth with your baits think about what it is like to fish in a simple manner and maybe, just maybe you will end up enjoying your day on the water that much more.

Don’t just think about it, but do it.  Put on that float and kick back in that chair and watch the world in a different view.


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