10 reasons why fishing Lake Michigan is better than fishing the ocean

Kristen Monroe caught this king salmon on Lake Michigan.1.) It’s unsalted

2.) No worrying about pesky sharks eating a hole in your boat, or biting off your leg.

3.) Freshwater lake trout, salmon, whitefish and yellow perch are good eating.

4.) No hurricanes or typhoons to worry about.

5.) A gigantic oarfish will never brush up against your leg.

6.) No worries of getting stung by a jelly fish during a walk on the beach.

7.) Pirates? No worries there, either!

8.) It is the largest body of water wholly located within the United States.

9.) There are a lot more places to ice fish.

10.) Lake Michigan is right in our own backyard, so it costs Wisconsinites less money for licenses and gas money to get there, and we can fish it as often as we want.

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