Wisconsin will host the 2014 Pheasants Forever National Pheasant Fest and Quail Classic Hunting Expo in Milwaukee beginning Feb. 14

Kristen Monroe, of Outdoor News, and Rehan Nana, public relations specialist for Pheasants Forever, spent a morning at Hunter's Point hunt club in Brownsville during the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers conference in September. They hunted with Rehan's Irish setter, Annie. Photo by Doug StammI love my job. Not many people can say that, but I am thankful every day. I am fortunate to meet and hunt and fish with many interesting people. In September, while attending the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers conference in Fond du Lac, I met Rehan Nana, who is the public relations specialist for Pheasant Forever. On the last day of the conference, Rehan and I were in a group of about 10 outdoor media folks who hunted pheasants at Hunter's Point, of Brownsville. We had talked about Pheasant Fest a little bit here and there during the conference, but being in the field for a few hours gave me the opportunity to learn about National Pheasant Fest & Quail Classic Hunting Expo and just what's going to happen when that event hits Milwaukee in February. It's a big deal. There will be a lot going on. This will be the second time that Pheasant Fest has been to Wisconsin – Madison hosted a previous event. This will be a first for the Milwaukee area. Last February, the festival drew 28,855 people to Minneapolis. On Feb. 14, Pheasant Fest kicks off with a bird dog parade. No, it's not your thinking. It's much bigger. Imagine bird dogs of all shapes and sizes. More than 40 different breeds are expected. This is a good place to be to learn about all sport dog breeds. You'll see  Deutsch langhaars, Boykin spaniels, Brittanys,  English pointers, Irish setters, field spaniels, German shorthairs, Llewellin setters, pointing Labs, pudel pointers, viszlas, and Spinone Italianos to name just a few. The cool thing about this parade is that anyone can participate with their dog. It's first come, first serve. In other words , they only take a few of each breed, so contact Brian Essling as soon as possible if you would like to participate. Call Brian at (651) 773-5500  or e-mail him at  bessling@pheasantsforever.org to get your dog in the parade. Then stay for the whole event!

We had a good day of hunting at Hunter's Points. It as nice to see how well all of the dog owners treated their hunting partners. Brad Heidel, a local trainer who helped us out with his dogs Mud and BB, and Rehan did a great job with their dogs. Rehan has a young Irish setter named Annie. He treated his dog with he utmost respect by carrying water for Annie in case she got thirsty. All diehard upland game hunters value and cherish their pooch. They spend long hours in training to make certain their best friend can perform in the field. Shooting birds at a game farm is not cheap. Taking a trip out to the Dakotas or Montanan to seek top notch wild-bird hunting also burns up a bit of ching. A good dog is not only important for the family, but also can make or break your hunt. Attending the Pheasant Fest dog parade is not only entertaining to watch, but it is also informational. The top trainers and bird dog breeders in the industry will be there.  It's a great event for the whole family, and the kids will especially enjoy meeting all the beautiful puppies. I'll see you there.

The National Pheasant Fest and Quail Classic Hunting Expo will run Feb. 14-16 at the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee. Event coordinators are Lacey Anderson and Brad Heidel. Contact them at landerson@pheasansforever.org and bheidel@pheasantsforever.org.

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