Central Ohio Fishing Report – May 9th, 2013

Delaware Lake (Delaware County)

This 1,017-acre lake north of Columbus is known for large crappies. Fish the old river channel and deep water with woody cover using a jig tipped with a minnow. Crappies must be nine inches or longer to keep and only 30 may be possessed. Channel catfish can be caught using cut bait; target the north end of the lake.

Kiser Lake (Champaign County)

Fish plastic baits and crankbaits for largemouth bass in and along lily pads on the south side of the lake and near woody cover on the north shore. As the water warms, bluegills can be caught in shallow water areas using nightcrawlers or wax worms fished under a bobber. Fly-fishing for bluegills using floating flies and spiders can also be very productive and exciting. Chicken livers fished on the lake bottom can reward an angler with channel catfish or hybrid striped bass. No motors are allowed on this lake.

Knox Lake (Knox County)

Areas of woody shoreline cover are good locations to fish for largemouth bass at this time of year. Try dark-colored creature baits and jig-and-pigs fished shallow for the best results. Most of these fish measure 12 to 18 inches. There is an 18-inch minimum for keeper largemouth at this lake. Use jigs and minnows in brushy areas to take crappies. Crappies will be moving shallow as the temperatures warm. Use cut bait, chicken livers, or nightcrawlers fished along the bottom to take channel catfish. Some channel catfish weigh up to 10 pounds. Boats greater than 10 horsepower must travel at no wake speeds.

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