Central Wisconsin Fishing Report – March 22nd, 2013


Ice conditions are excellent throughout the Door County Peninsula, even after the warm weather and rains. Actually, the melt during the weekend has made travel much easier for most anglers.  Whitefish action continues all over the peninsula. From Chaudoir’s Dock north to Sister Bay, anglers from near and far have been filling their buckets with limits of whitefish – 15 to 60 feet has been the best depth range. A wide assortment of jigs tipped with wax worms, spikes, and minnow pieces have been the best combinations. Walleye action is good and it will only get better as those fish get ready to spawn. Sand Bay, Henderson’s Point, Riley’s Bay, Sawyer Harbor, and Sturgeon Bay all have been producing nice catches of walleyes. Jigging Rapalas, Moonshine Shiver Minnows, and Odd Ball jigs tipped with minnows are still the “go-to” baits. Brown trout action is getting better and better every day. The northern Door County harbors from Egg Harbor north to Sister Bay have been the best areas. Use large lake shiners and medium golden shiners under tip-ups. Pike action is picking up and should only get better. Sturgeon Bay, Riley’s Bay, Sawyer Harbor, and Little Sturgeon are always good areas at this time of year. On Little Sturgeon Bay, anglers were targeting whitefish and perch. They were fishing in about 20 feet of water at Lime Kiln Road and up to 30 feet at Big Rock Place. Be careful at Lime Kiln Road. The access point is in rough condition for vehicles. Several trucks were getting stuck, so most fishermen were using ATVs or snowmobiles. In Riley’s Bay and Sand Bay, fishermen were targeting whitefish and perch. Fish in 20 to 42 feet in Riley’s Bay and in up to 70 feet of water at Sand Bay. There are still a handful of vehicles out on the ice at Sand Bay, but fishermen are reporting lots of water on the ice, and that it is hard to travel by vehicle.
In Kewaunee County, fishing activity has picked up on the southern lakes for panfish. Large flocks of turkeys can been seen across the county as fields become exposed following snow melt.
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Rain, wind, and fog made for less-than-ideal conditions last week. Travel on the ice has become more difficult as the landings start deteriorating. Open-water fishing for perch and walleyes is the only method of fishing now at Voyageur Park. Use jigs tipped with minnows or floating crankbaits. The Fox River is wide open and the fairgrounds, Fox Point, and metro boat launches all have their docks in. Walleyes are being caught on the channel edges from the Hwy. 172 bridge to the dam. Use a bright ¼-ounce jig tipped with a large fathead. A jig and pause on the bottom, followed by slowly lifting the bait, is working. With dirty water, try jigging a blade-style bait, as well. Several quick rips followed by a slow drop will trigger fish. Whitefish also are present near Voyager Park. Handle the spawning females with care as they hold the future of the Green Bay walleye fishery. As of March 11, there was still plenty of fishable ice on the east and west shores of Lower Green Bay. Ice conditions will be changing daily and the ice breakers will soon be out breaking up the channel. Perch anglers were still numerous south of Long Tail, with many small fish being caught. There were fewer fishermen out of Sunset Beach and Geano Beach due in part to conditions at the landings. Weather conditions were favorable, with higher temps throughout the week. The rain created slush on the ice. Some anglers reported 6 to 8 inches of ice. Ice conditions continue to be good with about 20 inches of ice by the lower east shore of the bay and up to about 24 inches of ice toward the shipping canal. The lower east shore of the bay had moderate fishing activity for the week. Fishermen were targeting whitefish and perch. The main baits that were used were wax worms, rosy red minnows, with an occasional Swedish Pimple. Fishing depths varied by location, but it was anywhere from about 5 feet at Volk’s Landing to 38 feet out at Rites Cove.
In Shawano County, ice conditions are still good enough to fish panfish, but the landings are quickly deteriorating, especially after the recent rain. The north shores also are starting to melt. Anglers are still reporting good numbers of panfish being caught. Turkey hunting is just around the corner, and lots of birds can be seen in the fields and along the roads.
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A few gobblers have been seen strutting and displaying. While these behaviors are signs of the impending breeding season, there is still a ways to go before breeding actually begins. Foxes and gray squirrels have taken advantage of warming weather and lengthening days by feeding furiously on acorns that have remained buried all winter under the snow. Deer and turkeys also are feeding on acorns as the snow gradually recedes.
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