Northwest Minnesota Fishing Report – February 15th, 2012


Since the area received 12 inches of snow last weekend, there hasn’t been much fishing taking place. Once the lakes settle and anglers start to again venture out, lakes such as Mill, Maple, and Mary are worth hitting for panfish in 10 to 15 feet. You’ll find walleyes and crappies on Reno Lake in eight to 12 feet and a few walleyes on Lake Miltona during low-light periods in 18 feet.
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Until the 14 inches of snow fell over the weekend, fishing had been good, but it’s been difficult to travel on most lakes since. Once some roads are established look for walleyes in 20 to 30 feet at Otter Tail Lake, Rush Lake, and West Battle Lake. Look for panfish in 15 to 20 feet on lakes Blanche, Spitzer, East Lost, Ellingson, and West Battle. Fatheads also were producing perch on Otter Tail and West Battle in 15 to 20 feet.
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Bring a snowmobile if you plan to fish the lakes in this area until some roads are busted open – as much as 18 inches of snow fell here. Look for sunfish in 12 to 15 feet and crappies suspended over slightly deeper water on lakes Severson, Little Detroit, Upper Cormorant, and Little Pelican. Walleyes will be found in 20 to 25 feet at Upper Cormorant, Big Cormorant Lake, Pelican Lake, Lake Sallie, and Lake Melissa.
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This area received in excess of 15 inches of snow so many anglers have pulled their wheel houses and fishing has been limited. Until some roads are plowed a snowmobile will be the best way to travel. Look to Long Lake and Fish Hook Lake for a few walleyes at night in 25 feet or more. Fish Hook also is worth hitting for sunfish in 12 feet and Big Mantrap Lake was producing crappies over 30 feet prior to the snow hitting.
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