Metro Area Fishing Report – January 18th, 2013


Spring Park Bay and Wayzata Bay are producing walleyes in 35 to 40 feet or along the weedlines during the evening hours. There’s also some evening crappie action in 16 to 18 feet in Phelp’s Bay and the North Arm. Sunfish are hitting in Carson’s Bay, LaFayette Bay, and Grays Bay, while northern pike are being caught on sucker minnows on the 16- to 18-foot weedlines.
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Crappies and a few walleyes can be had during low-light periods at Bald Eagle Lake in 15 to 20 feet or at White Bear Lake in 18 to 20 feet. Lake Jane continues to produce sunfish in eight to 12 feet, while sucker minnows are triggering northern pike at Demonterville Lake and Long Lake.
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You’ll find suspended crappies over 35 feet on the south end of Eagle Lake. Eagle also is producing a few walleyes during the evening in 12 feet. The south end of Medicine Lake is giving up sunfish in 10 feet and northern pike are being caught along the weed edges of Medicine and Eagle with sucker minnows.
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Look for sunfish in nine to 12 feet in Waconia Bay or on Center Reef and Pillsbury Reef. Get away from the crowds and you’ll catch a few walleyes in 15 feet on Cemetery, Keggs, and North reefs. Crappies continue to be found on the 14- to 18-foot weed edges on Pillsbury Reef. Sucker minnows will turn northern pike along most weedlines as well.
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Crappies are now set up over deep water, 30 feet or more, on lakes John, Buffalo, Clearwater, Pleasant, and French. Walleyes are hitting best during low-light periods in 16 to 25 feet at Clearwater, Sugar Lake, and Buffalo. Northern pike continue to hit sucker minnows in 12 to 16 feet on most lakes throughout the day. Look for sunfish in 12 to 18 feet on Maple Lake, Lake Marie, John, and Clearwater.
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The south end of Chisago Lake is producing sunfish in five to eight feet and crappies in 22 feet. You’ll find crappies in 20 feet or more on South Lindstrom Lake and at Kroon Lake in 22 feet. The Nelson’s Island area of North Center Lake is holding crappies and sunfish, while the deep hole in Hazelton Bay on South Center Lake is producing crappies during the evening hours.
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