Central New York Fishing Report – December 28th, 2012

Lake Ontario

Nothing to report now.

Oswego River

Fishing has slowed but there are steelhead and brown trout being caught in the river. Drift boat anglers have been doing better with the higher water. Good baits continued to be egg sacs, beads and egg imitating flies.

Salmon River

Fish were still being caught throughout river but anglers have had to work harder for them. Good baits were egg sacs (blue and chartreuse mesh), egg-imitating flies and plastics, 8 mm trout beads and streamers such as egg-sucking leeches and stonefly patterns in sizes 4-6. If you’re not catching fish, keep covering water looking for active fish. As the water cools down, the deeper pools (like the School House and Trestle) are good spots to try.

Oneida Lake

The docks have been removed from the South Shore launch. Yellow perch were being caught in deep water – about 30 feet – on worms and fathead minnows. Walleye were also being caught in the deep water, but action continues to be fairly slow. Large numbers of young gizzard shad in the lake have kept the walleye well fed and may account for the mediocre fall fishing. Try fishing in Big Bay, off Cleveland and near buoys 113 and 115. Casting black and silver or blue and silver stick baits from shore usually works well for walleye this time of year.

Sandy Pond

No new fishing activity to report and will most likely remain that way until we get some ice.

Genesee River

There were steelhead in the river, along with a few brown trout. Good baits have been orange egg sacs or single eggs.

Sodus Bay

Yellow perch fishing continued to be good, with the perch moving a little shallower into 20 to 30 feet of water.

Irondequoit Bay

Yellow perch were being caught in 30 to 35 feet of water on small minnows and jigs.

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