Northwestern Minnesota Fishing Report – November 29th, 2012


There’s still quite a bit of open water on the big lakes and only skim ice to two inches reported on the small bodies of water. Some of those small lakes might be safe for foot travel by this weekend, but it’s weather dependent so call ahead or check ice depths carefully as you go.
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There hasn’t been anyone fishing, but most lakes are ice-covered, with the exception of a few open spots on the bigger lakes. Look for foot travel to be an option by this weekend on many of the small, shallow lakes.
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There are still spots of open water on the deep lakes, but everything else is locked tight with two to seven inches of ice, depending on the lake. There hasn’t been a lot of people fishing, but foot traffic should be increasing by this weekend on most lakes.
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The big lakes have some open water or skim ice, while a few small lakes have as much as four inches of ice. Anglers are walking on lakes such as Portage and Straight and catching a few panfish in 10 feet. Look for additional small lakes to provide enough ice for foot travel by this weekend.
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The small lakes and bays are covered with enough ice that foot travel should be an option fairly soon. The bigger, deeper lakes still had pockets of open water or skim ice at best so caution is advised until it gets cold again.
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