Some Christmas presents I’d like to see under the tree

Tim LesmeisterThe men and women who hunt and fish and use the outdoors offer easy gift-purchasing options. Hunting and fishing are sports that are gear driven so it would seem there are loads of options when special occasions require a gift be purchased for your favorite outdoorsman. So why do I always hear whining and crying and wailing and bellyaching that I’m so tough to buy for? I have so many interests I should be easy to pick out a present for, but my family members tell me it’s tough and they always want me to give them a list. So I do.

Outdoorsmen and woman love knives. They can have a hundred knives yet when they open another box with another knife they are happy. Not any knife will do. They must be unique to what they already own and that’s the tough part. For my knife craving add a Rabuck Mini Voyageur Neck Knife. It’s a fun little tactical-style knife that takes on many cutting chores with ease. The neck knife sports a black canvas micarta handle, stainless steel guard and pin and comes with a black leather convertible sheath with belt clip. The sheath allows many carry options: handle up, down, or clip to belt or gear. The overall knife is six inches in total length with a blade length of two-and-a-half inches. Check it out here.

I would rather receive a bunch of smaller gifts than one big one, but I want at least one big one too, so keep the knife and camera in mind. For small gifts plastic worms and trailers are my favorite. You can buy a dozen packages of Berkely Havoc plastics and wrap them all individually. Mix it up. Don’t duplicate. And it doesn’t matter what style you buy. Anglers who use plastic trailers will find a way to fish a body style at some point and the styles from Havoc are so unique it will be fun to open up the next package to see what the surprise is. There are lots of options. Check it out here.

I just got a new iPhone and will need APPS for it. There are lots of outdoor APPS available. Anglers need to check out the Navionics maps. These are great for locating that spot on the spot on structure. Well detailed and easy to use this is a must-have APP. Hunters will need to check out Cabela’s Recon Hunt. I have both of these and use them extensively, but I know there are loads more APPS for hunting and fishing and I want them all. Put me down for an iTunes gift card and spare no expense. Some of these APPS can be a couple of bucks or more.

Sportsmen and women like tools. Not the kind you use on your car or motorcycle. Gun tools and fishing tools. For starters check out The Gun Tool. Anyone that takes to the field with a firearm and does not have The Gun Tool at their disposal will eventually regret it. Whether you were a boy scout or not everyone should live by that motto: be prepared. Real Avid also has a lot of other cool stuff on their web site, all perfect gifts.

For anglers check out the Rapala Fisherman’s Kit. It has all the right tools and is already packed in a gift box. This kit includes a six-inch Rapala Fisherman’s Pliers, a 50 lb. Mini Digital Scale, EZ Glide Fillet knife and sheath with a single-stage sharpener. Rapala Super Line scissors and Clipper Combo- with clipper, line pick, cutting knife, hook file plus jig buster, a 36-inch adhesive ruler and Rapala Fisherman’s Gloves. It can be seen here.

Some people feel compelled to buy their favorite outdoorsman or woman clothing. Don’t entertain that thought. It’s never the right color and seldom fits. Thermal undergarments are an okay options but only as a last-minute emergency. There are too many better alternatives like rods, reels, lures, guns, game calls, hand-held GPS units, tackle boxes.

And here is the rule on a tackle box. Don’t give it empty. Fill at least half of it with Rapalas, Power Baits, spinnerbaits, and the other half with sinkers, hooks and bobbers. A tackle box should be to add to the existing tackle, not replace something that already exists.

Gift cards are a cop-out, but if the amount of their value is high enough, the lack of effort in finding a gift can be forgiven. It should be enough that Smith, Wesson, Shimano and Winchester all have smiles on their face. Anything less and you might as well have bought clothing.

Christmas is a time of giving and I truly appreciate that because I like receiving. I know that my family members tell me I’m hard to buy for because I already have everything, but that is just a poor excuse for marginal gifts. I will be forwarding these suggestions to them to ensure I’ll have a Merry Christmas. I hope you do as well.

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