Northwest Minnesota Fishing Report – November 16th, 2012


A few anglers continue to hit lakes Miltona and Ida with jigs and minnows for walleyes in 40 to 70 feet of water. Large sucker minnows are producing muskies on Miltona as well. The second weekend of the deer season was slightly better than the first, with many hunters reporting that bucks were more active. Hunters pursuing ducks continue to find good numbers of mallards and divers in the area.
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Deer-hunting reports indicated a good second weekend with more bucks in the mix. Most groups commented that they saw fair numbers of deer, including a lot of antlerless deer. Ducks seem to be moving through the area in good numbers and utilizing the bigger bodies of water. A few guys continue to float large sucker minnows on Big Detroit Lake and Pelican Lake for muskies.
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The ponds and shallow bays have skim ice, but it comes and goes with the wind and higher daytime temperatures. The second weekend of deer season didn’t produce as many big bucks as most hunters thought it would, and the harvest is down from last season, especially for antlerless deer.
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With the rut more advanced during the second weekend of the season, hunters connected on a few more bigger deer. Overall, deer seemed to be more active after opening weekend, although the overall harvest is down due to the lack of antlerless deer being shot. Waterfowl hunters still have opportunities here since very little ice has formed and migrant ducks continue to move through the region.
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