DNR hasn't printed Illinois fishing guide for 2012

Has anybody seen my 2012 Fishing Information Book?

Spring is about to spring, but anglers expecting to get their hands on the 2012 Illinois Fishing Information booklet are out of luck.

Word has it that DNR Division of Fisheries personnel had the booklet ready to go for printing way back in August 2011, but as of last week management in Springfield had not yet sent out for bids to get it printed. We have no clarification on those points, but a call is in to DNR to see what the status is on the booklet. Stay tuned.

The books are typically ready for anglers to pick up at sport shows in February. This year they were not. The booklet is on the DNR website. But many anglers in the state carry a copy in their boats and tackle boxes in case they need to check up on a particular regulation or length limit.

Meanwhile, DNR's magazine isn't the only victim of state budget cuts, DNR Diretor Marc Miller said over the weekend.

It was announced last month that the March issue of Illinois Outdoors would be the last. Miller said at an event Saturday that DNR also expects to cut programs at outdoors shows and fairs and other “less critical programs." Miller made the comments at the La Salle County Democratic Central Committee annual fundraiser.

He emphasized that no state parks are expected to be closed.

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