Cuffs & Collars – Febraury 10th, 2012

District 9 – Black River Falls area

Warden Matt Modjeski, of Sparta, investigated a case during the
antlerless deer season regarding gun hunters in the Monroe County
Forest who were hunting without wearing blaze orange. He contacted
eight squirrel hunters, and several were not wearing blaze orange.
Several warnings were issued.

Warden Modjeski investigated a shining case in northwestern Monroe
County. The shooter was caught by Modjeski as he was pulling a buck
fawn from a cornfield. The man also had shot a doe, a 10-pointer,
and another buck in the same area, and five to six more does.
Modjeski referred the case to the Monroe County D.A. and requested
criminal charges for hunting deer with the aid of artificial light,
hunting deer during the closed season, and possession of illegal

Warden Shaun Deeney, of Black River Falls, investigated a
nonresident who bought resident licenses for the past three years.
The subject also was buying resident licenses in another state
during the same time. Three deer and a turkey were killed between
2010 and 2011 near Black River Falls with the fraudulent licenses.
Several charges are pending in Clark and Jackson counties.

Warden Deeney and deputy warden Kurt Haas checked a bowhunter from
Milwaukee on the Jackson County Forest who said he forgot his
license at home. The wardens soon discovered the subject had his
wife’s archery license and backtag, but she was at home. Wardens
Matt Groppi and Steve Sanidas went to the wife’s house and
discovered a buck head on the porch; the deer was killed by the
husband earlier in November. The man was revoked from buying his
own DNR licenses due to non-payment of child support, and he also
used other people’s tags in addition to his wife’s. Criminal
charges for hunting without a license and borrowing licenses will
be filed.

Wardens Wade Romberg and Bill Miller, of Adams County, contacted
two gun deer hunters during the antlerless-only season in December
in a deer unit that was not open to gun hunting. Enforcement action
was taken.

Warden Romberg investigated a case in which a landowner was leasing
his property that was enrolled in the Managed Forest Land Program.
It is not legal to lease any land that is enrolled in this program.
Enforcement action was taken.

Wardens Miller and Romberg investigated a hunting-related injury. A
youth shot himself in the foot while loading his firearm.

Warden Miller cited a couple for littering when they cleaned out
their freezer and dumped old food on a neighbor’s land. The
neighbor found it when his dogs got into it. While on the
violator’s land, Miller found corn and a salt block behind his
house. Miller had cited the man several years ago for a feeding
violation. Enforcement action was taken.

District 10 – Wautoma area

No report available.

District 11 – Peshtigo area

Warden Matt Meade, of Crivitz, contacted a bowhunter on private
land hunting without a backtag and with no blaze orange during the
four-day antlerless season. The man knew the law, but forgot his
tag at home and was washing his blaze-orange clothes. Enforcement
action was taken.

Warden Meade investigated a Coleman man for shining and shooting
several deer last fall. The man used a .30-30 lever-action rifle
and a spotlight to shoot at several deer in Marinette County. The
man never had a valid hunting license and targeted big bucks. The
spotlight and the gun were seized, and criminal charges will be

Warden Joe Paul, of Lakewood, conducted pen inspections for wolves,
foxes, bears, ducks, geese, and raccoons at a local zoo. Most of
the pens were not in compliance, requiring numerous visits. The
animals are held in violation since the facility does not have a
Captive Wild Animal Farm Permit. A final visit was set for early
January. All other animals at the zoo are regulated by Oconto
County zoning and the USDA.

Warden Mike Stahl, of Oconto Falls, assisted water regs specialist
Robert Rosenberger with a case of illegal dredging in a wetland and
stream in southern Oconto County. Enforcement action is being
worked out for this case.

Warden Stahl investigated a suspect in a case from the 2011 gun
deer season – there were at least three illegal deer shot in 2010
and two from the 2011 season. The investigation continues, but the
main suspect is facing at least four charges of loaning and
borrowing carcass tags, hunting over illegal bait, and possibly one
criminal charge of possession of an untagged deer.

Warden Mark Schraufnagel, of Shawano, investigated an illegal
stream crossing. The subject was ordered to remove the rock and
apply for a bridge permit.

District 12 – Green Bay area and Northeast Operations Marine

Wardens David Allen and Darren Kuhn, both of Kewaunee, assisted
wardens Dryja and Dalquist with an illegal night-hunting case in
which suspects from Green Bay were illegally killing deer at night
over a large bait pile and not tagging or registering the does in a
buck-only unit. Allen and Kuhn conducted interviews and seized
equipment and meat. Criminal charges are pending.

Warden Kuhn located a 220 body-grip trail set that was not a
recessed on private land along the Ahnapee River. There was a
raccoon that was frozen solid and was obviously not caught within
the past 24 hours. The trap was tagged; Kuhn contacted the trapper,
who admitted to removing his traps before gun deer season and must
have forgotten one. The trapper also admitted to the illegal set.
The trapper was cited for the checking requirement and warned for
the illegal set.

Warden Robert Stroess, of Manitowoc, completed an investigation of
a Whitelaw man who was shooting shorebirds on his pond. The man had
shot two kingfishers and shot or shot at two great blue herons with
a .22 rifle during four days in 2010 and 2011. The man was cited
for one count of shooting a protected bird in the amount of $320.80
and was warned for seven other violations.

Warden Stroess continues to receive calls about baiting, which has
been illegal in Manitowoc County for almost 10 years. Stroess found
two bait sites – one in Manitowoc and one near Cato. Both hunters
were cited for baiting, which carries a forfeiture of over

Northeast Operations Marine Unit

No report available.

District 13 – Oshkosh area

Warden Jason Higgins, of Oshkosh, while tagging a couple of fishers
for a father and son, determined the fisher that had the son’s tag
was illegally tagged by the subject’s father in Langlade County.
The son was not present at the time. The father admitted he had his
son’s tag and validated the tag and placed it on the fisher and
handled the fur out of the trap while the son was in Winnebago
County. The son returned during the weekend to obtain the fisher.
Numerous violations were determined. The fisher was seized, and a
citation was issued.

Warden Higgins worked goose-hunting complaints during the closed
season near Neenah. He saw two teens sitting near a bonfire in the
backyard 20 yards from the house. A flock of 25 geese flew toward
the home. One teen ran to the garage, got a 10-gauge shotgun, and
then ran back outside and shot at the geese. When contacted, the
teen did not realize the season was closed. He was cited for
hunting during the closed season.

Warden Michael Disher, of Chilton, investigated several convicted
felons from Calumet County who participated in gun deer hunting.
Two felons bought gun deer licenses and registered bucks.
Enforcement action is pending for illegal possession of a firearm
(convicted felons) and group deer hunting.

Wardens Kyle Kosin, of Campbellsport, and Nate Ackerman, of Green
Lake, found violations that consisted of a car-killed deer
violation, illegal bait for deer (2010 and 2011), failure to wear
blaze orange during deer season hunting, loaning carcass tags, and
registration fraud. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Ben Nadolski, of Waupun, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
officer John Below, of Horicon, during the December antlerless-only
gun deer season, contacted a man with a crossbow, dressed in full
camo, hunting deer on federal property. The hunter was wearing
blaze orange under his camo.

Warden Nadolski conducted a follow-up investigation from the
nine-day deer season as it related to a hunter shooting a deer with
a .22 rimfire rifle. A citation was issued.

Warden Alan Erickson, of Fond du Lac, investigated a complaint of a
subject archery deer hunting in full camo on DNR property during
the muzzleloader season. The subject had left his treestand on DNR
land for two nights in two locations without removing it daily. The
subject’s stand did not have his required information, which is
required to leave the stand unoccupied during hunting hours. The
subject had cut many tree limbs and small trees in order to clear
shooting lanes at two locations, in addition to screwing in
climbing steps. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Erickson investigated a report of a dead timber wolf located
near the parking lot at end of Heinrich Road in the Eldorado
Wildlife Area. He documented the scene and recovered the animal.
Erickson believes that the animal was dumped at this location.
Samples of the specimen were requested to be sent in for genetic

Warden Ryan Propson, of Appleton, completed an investigation into a
fish kill on the Fox River from October that involved two
businesses. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Propson, while checking ice anglers, contacted three men who
had a marijuana pipe and admitted to smoking pot. Action was taken
by local deputies.

District 14 – Sheboygan area

No report available.

District 15 – Milwaukee area

Warden Ben Mott and deputy warden Justin Menzia, of Milwaukee, were
working waterfowl enforcement on Lake Michigan when they heard a
boat motoring at a high rate of speed. The operator was not using
navigation lights and was well over the posted no-wake speed.
Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Mott investigated a suspected unlicensed guide. The man gave
false information regarding another person who was supposedly the
unlicensed guide. The investigation showed that the suspect had
taken money from clients and put clients on a closed federal
waterfowl production area to hunt deer. The individual had postings
on Craigslist, offering hunts in southeast and northern Wisconsin.
The individual was charged for multiple years of guiding without a
license and will lose guiding privileges for up to two years.

Warden Mott contacted individuals who were hunting and driving ATVs
in the Root River Parkway. They admitted to hunting and baiting
deer on the property for several years. They also had two
structures on the county property that must be removed. Citations
and multiple warnings were issued.

Warden Mott cited four fishermen for having 22 trout and salmon
instead of the 20 they were allowed.

Warden Sanidas worked late hunting complaints in Vernon Marsh
during the closing weekend of the season. He contacted one hunter
who shot at a duck after the close of legal hours. Enforcement
action was taken.

Wardens Matt Groppi and Steve Sanidas received a call from warden
Shaun Deeney regarding a hunter who Deeney contacted in the Jackson
County Forest who was in possession of his wife’s license. Groppi
and Sanidas investigated the hunter and his wife and found that
they were in possession of a separate buck head that had another
hunter’s archery tag on it. The man hunted deer without a license
on multiple occasions. The same hunter who did not have a license
also killed the buck and placed another hunter’s archery buck tag
on it. Charges were referred to the Jackson County D.A.

Warden Groppi completed a deer baiting and feeding investigation
from the town of Oconomowoc and found that two subjects placed
bait. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Groppi found an illegal pile of corn with a trail camera
near it in Menomonee Falls. Groppi returned later that day and
found a person bowhunting over the bait pile. Enforcement action
was taken.

Warden Groppi received a complaint that a local hunter shot a doe
in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and brought it back to Wisconsin
without a tag. Enforcement action was taken.

District 16 – Racine, Kenosha area

Warden Hirschboeck, of Racine County, continued investigations on
an illegal bear case and an illegal deer case.

Warden Mac Hannon, of Kenosha County, received a complaint about an
individual snagging fish in the Kenosha harbor. It was found that a
fisherman foul-hooked a fish and kept it. The person was cited for
the violation. The individual also was warned for netting fish,
littering, and obstructing a warden and for not being able to
produce a fishing license upon demand. Hannon seized two brown
trout the individual had hidden in the rocks, and the pole of
another angler who was involved in catching and hiding the

Warden Juan Gomez was informed about a town of Linn case in which
someone shot a deer with a .22 rifle and left the deer. It was
found that the individual was not a licensed hunter and was taking
it upon himself to control the high deer population in his
neighborhood. Law enforcement action was taken.

Warden Jason Roberts, of Delevan, checked three young waterfowl
hunters on North Lake after they had push-poled across the marsh in
a 16-foot mud boat for more than an hour because their motor had
died. Roberts recognized it as the same mud motor he has. He also
saw that the cut-off switch lanyard was dangling in the bottom of
the boat. Roberts asked if the hunters had tried inserting the
cut-off lanyard. The operator buried his head in his hands and then
threw his head back, saying, “That’s gonna be it.” The operator
attached the lanyard and the motor started immediately. A warning
was issued for no PFDs. Roberts believed the operator would be
ridiculed by his friends for not being able to start the boat and
that he’d learned his lessons for the day.

Warden Roberts and Gomez interviewed an individual who had called
concerning illegally dumped oil filters and oil by his previous
landlord. After Gomez spoke with the suspect, it was found that the
original caller was a convicted felon who had been hunting. The
caller then became the suspect. The felon had hunted deer with an
illegal weapon, and he shot a doe during the bow season but did not
register it. The venison was seized, and law enforcement action was

District 17 – Madison area

Warden Mike Dieckhoff, of Janesville, talked with a disabled
trapper who is restricted to a wheelchair. The trapper was going to
be buy a wheelchair with tracks on it to allow him to trap areas he
has not been able to trap for years. The trapper needed to know
what was required of him if he was to use that chair on DNR lands.
Dieckhoff made many contacts to determine the needs of that
trapper. It was determined he may need a free permit to operate the
motorized chair on DNR lands, with the approval of the local land

Warden Nathan Kroeplin, of Madison, responded to a call regarding
Yahara River ice fishermen keeping undersized pike. Kroeplin found
the suspect had two short pike and one short bass on the ice and
another three short pike hidden in his bucket. The suspect knew the
size and bag limits and was issued two citations totaling almost

Warden Kroeplin got a call about a business in Sun Prairie that was
dumping sludge on its property. He met with president and manager
of the facility to discuss the operation. Kroeplin took some
photographs and explained that the practice had to stop. He passed
the information onto water regs staff, who followed up the next day
and got the business to clean up what it had dumped.

Warden Henry Bauman, of Madison, investigated a call about illegal
deer baiting on private land near Oregon. He also investigated a
complaint of unattended waterfowl decoys on a private farm pond
near Brooklyn.

Warden Eric Grudzinski, of Madison, checked the Wingra dam area.
One angler was cited for fishing without a license and was arrested
on an outstanding warrant.

Wardens Boyd Richter and Mike Dieckhoff learned about five people
shining with a firearm in a subdivision of Janesville at 3:30 a.m.
They were stopped by a Rock County deputy and were found to be in
possession of a shotgun. An investigation by wardens revealed that
numerous deer were shot illegally by some of the subjects. Wardens
continue to investigate and have seized numerous items, including
three firearms and a spotlight.

Warden Richter investigated a possible road shooting violation in
Janesville in the Arbor Ridge subdivision. He found where a deer
was killed about 40 yards off of the road. Richter learned the
suspect shot a buck fawn from the road the previous evening and
retrieved it the next morning. One citation was issued for hunting
within 50 feet of the center of a road. Warnings were given for
failing to immediately attach and validate a tag, trespassing, and
shooting a firearm in the city limits.

District 18 – Poynette area

Warden Michael Green, of the Dells, worked a late hunting case in
Dellona Township during the four-day December hunt. A man was
arrested on a 2003 warrant from Juneau County. The man had moved to
Illinois in 2005 and had continued to buy resident licenses.
Citations also were issued for obtaining fraud resident

Warden Green worked on a timber theft case in which a pile of logs
was seized from an individual for cutting trees without permission
in Mirror Lake State Park.

Warden Paul Nadolski, of Portage, supervisor David Holmes, and two
Huber inmates from Columbia County picked up about 2,000 pounds of
trash from the Swan Lake Wildlife Area. Nadolski caught three
people leaving a shot-up TV on the property the next day. The
driver of the vehicle was arrested by Columbia County deputies for
operating after revocation (fourth offense).

Warden Paul Nadolski was assisted by his brother, warden Ben
Nadolski, of Waupun, with a case of a short muskie on Silver Lake.
A citation was issued.

District 19 – Dodgeville area

Warden Mike Nice, of Richland Center, found that a subject was
purposely setting off another trapper’s legally placed traps.
Criminal charges for molesting a legally placed trap are

Warden Rick DeWitte, of Cassville, got a call from a trapper who
had caught a neighbor’s dog in a live trap, which he had set on an
adjacent landowner’s land for nuisance raccoons. Prior to the
warden’s arrival at the trap, an unknown individual had released
the dog. Several years ago, this same trapper had caught the same
neighbor’s dog. Information was obtained and later submitted in a
trapping incident report.

Warden Joe Frost, of Dodgeville, got a call from a landowner who
saw a subject shoot a deer from a vehicle while it was standing
near his driveway during the December antlerless season. After the
landowner confronted the three people, the group left without the
deer. Wardens Frost and Youngquist found the hunters at their home.
The shooter had a disabled hunting permit, but was not in
compliance with the permit as he did not have permission to hunt
that private property. Citations were issued.

Warden Frost investigated a hunter who had hunted without blaze
orange and without a backtag during the muzzleloader season, as he
forgot them at home.

Warden Youngquist investigated a deer carcass-dumping case in a
public hunting grounds parking lot. He contacted a suspect and
discovered the suspect had been dumping carcasses at public hunting
ground parking lots for years. A citation was issued.

Warden Youngquist completed an investigation of a buck that had
fallen off a hunter’s trailer while the man traveled down the road.
It later was picked up by another person. A nearby resident picked
up the already tagged deer, and instead of returning it, decided to
cut off the antlers and have the deer processed. The antlers and
the meat were returned to the hunter who lost it.

Warden Marty Stone, of Fennimore, patrolled northern Grant County
and investigated numerous deer carcass-dumping complaints and
trapping complaints.

Warden Jeff King, of Lafayette County, followed up on a call from
the end of the deer season regarding a bait pile near Cuba City.
King investigated the matter, cleaned up the bait pile, and issued
a citation for placing feed material to attract deer.

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