Wolf bill update

Here’s a brief update on Assembly Bill 502 – when the bill was
first read on Jan. 27, it included language that said that
landowners and their family would be able to hunt wolves for free
(they would have to have a tag, but would not have to pay for it)
during the month of February, if the harvest quota had not been met
in the zone in which their land was located. The season would run
Oct. 15 through the end of February. According to reports from
legislators at a Feb. 1 Assembly hearing on the bill, that language
that would allow the free February hunting for landowners has been
removed from the bill. This bill’s tenets will no doubt be changing
as the bill moves through the Assembly and Senate. Hunters and
trappers who are interested in the bill may want to monitor news
outlets and stay in touch with their legislators to keep track of
the latest changes to this bill.

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