Cuffs and Collars – February 3rd, 2012


CO Denny Gast and Sgt. Steven Burton stopped an ORVer when they
heard a shot after the firearms deer season had closed. The
operator had a .30-06 rifle with him and a loaded, concealed pistol
hidden in a pack on his ORV. Charges are pending.

CO Grant Emery responded to a complaint about possible illegal deer
hanging in a subject’s garage. CO Emery contacted the homeowner and
found two untagged deer hanging in the garage. The subject claimed
to be suffering from amnesia and couldn’t say who shot the deer.
The deer were seized, and the subject was ticketed.

CO Jason Wicklund and Sgt. Marc Pomroy checked a local deer
processor for compliance. Suspicious leads were checked, and
several tagging violations were uncovered. The investigation also
turned up an illegally killed deer. The deer was seized, and
enforcement action was taken.

CO Mark Leadman followed tracks in the snow and discovered an
illegal body-gripping trap set on the ground. When pulled, the trap
was untagged. CO Leadman doubled up with CO Trey Luce and they
found and pulled four illegal traps. Efforts to locate the trapper
are ongoing.

CO Jason Niemi received a complaint about shots fired at 11:30 p.m.
He responded to a residence in the Wallace area and arrested a
subject for shooting a spike-horn deer over a lighted bait pile.
The deer was untagged. The subject was ticketed and lodged on
probation violations.

CO Dave Miller and Sgt. Steven B. Burton checked four groups of
anglers on Bergland Bay and found several violations. Tickets were
issued for fishing with too many lines and fishing without a

COs Brian Bacon and Jason Wicklund worked ice-fishing activity on
the small remote lakes near Watersmeet. One angler was ticketed for
fishing without a license, and another for possessing three
undersized pike.

CO Grant Emery completed an investigation regarding a deer shot
within the city of Bessemer. The subject shot the deer from a
vehicle and then trespassed to retrieve the animal. Enforcement
action was taken.

CO Brian Bacon and Sgt. Marc Pomroy responded to the complaint
about an overlimit of tip-ups on a local river. The COs located
numerous homemade tip-ups, and tracks leading to a nearby
residence. Contact at the residence revealed the anglers had left
for a dentist appointment. CO Bacon made contact later in the day
with the suspects, and enforcement action was taken for the
unattended lines and fishing with more than three lines.

CO Jason Wicklund received a call about an ORV that went through
the ice in Gogebic County. The driver and passenger were able to
get out of the water and walk to a nearby residence. Both subjects
were uninjured, and plans are in place to remove the ORV.


CO Mike Hammill investigated several subjects hunting after legal
hours. They were using crossbows without permits. The CO set up on
them and caught them in the act. Tickets were issued.

CO Kevin Postma was in the right area when a call came out to be on
the lookout for a drunk driver. Within minutes, the CO located the
suspicious vehicle and contacted the driver. The CO arrested the
subject for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, expired
driver’s license, and possession of a controlled substance. The
subject was lodged in the Chippewa County jail.

CO Kyle Publiski was conducting ice-fishing patrol on Munuscong Bay
and encountered a subject fishing with too many lines. Upon seeing
the CO, the subject tried to pull in his extra lines, but it was
too late. The CO found that the subject was fishing without a
license and located an undersized walleye. Enforcement action

While on routine patrol, CO Kyle Publiski came upon a vehicle
parked in the middle of the road. The CO determined that the
subject was out on foot and then proceeded to track him through the
woods. The CO located the subject, who was setting illegal snares.
Further investigation revealed that most of his snares and traps
were not tagged. Enforcement action was taken.


CO Duane Budreau received a Report-All-Poaching (RAP) complaint
about recreational trespassing, which led to an illegal deer that
was killed in Emmet County. After investigating the location and
circumstances of the kill, CO Budreau ticketed the subject who had
illegally used Deer Management Assistance (DMA) permits that were
issued to a farmer near Harbor Springs. The subject was ticketed
for unlawful use of the DMA permits and also for recreational
trespass while hunting deer.

Sgt. Mike Borkovich assisted at the scene of a two-vehicle personal
injury accident in Antrim County. One of the victims who had been
severely injured was pinned in a vehicle, which had rolled over
several times. Quick work by local Elk Rapids emergency personnel
on the scene turned a bad situation into a routine trip to the

CO Eric Bottorff and Sgt. Greg Drogowski responded to a shots fired
and recreational trespass complaint on the border of the Pigeon
River Country State Forest. The complainants heard shots and were
able to get a license plate number and description of the occupants
of the vehicle. The follow-up investigation resulted in a ticket
issued for recreational trespass, as the subject, without the
benefit of permission from the landowner, had shot at a grouse from
the roadway, while both sides were posted private land.

CO Matt Theunick came upon a coyote hunter in his vehicle who was
intently watching the ice-covered surface of Douglas Lake, waiting
for hounds to run a coyote onto the ice. However, his rifle was
uncased inside his truck, which resulted in a ticket for possession
of an uncased firearm in a motor vehicle.


CO Rich Stowe received a complaint about a dog being caught in a
foothold trap set behind some local businesses in Traverse City.
After a couple days of surveillance, CO Stowe, along with CO Sean
Kehoe, was able to contact a subject as he checked the traps. The
subject was ticketed for trap-tagging violations, and a follow-up
investigation will be conducted concerning possible larceny of

COs Steve Converse and Sam Koscinski investigated a complaint about
excessive deer baiting with possible poaching activity reported.
During midday, the COs located a portable blind near an obvious
illegal deer bait site. Later that evening, the COs contacted a
subject hunting from the blind without any deer licenses and
failing to wear hunter orange. Interviews led to an additional
suspect in the Saginaw area. CO Dan Lee was contacted by radio and
was able to respond to the second suspect’s residence, where
several illegal bucks were seized. Numerous tickets were issued to
address the violations, including an overlimit of white-tailed

CO Steve Converse was conducting an inspection of a local deer
processor when he encountered a subject bringing in five deer for
processing. After speaking with the subject for a short time, CO
Converse determined that the subject had killed three bucks within
the first 45 minutes of daylight on Nov. 15. A check of the tags
revealed that one was purchased by the subject’s wife after the
buck had been taken. A warrant was obtained for taking an overlimit
of white-tailed deer.

CO Carla Soper investigated a marine accident on the Manistee
River. It was reported that a subject had operated his watercraft
in a reckless manner and caused an angler in a nearby boat to fall,
resulting in serious injuries. The warrant was authorized by the
prosecutor’s office, and the subject was arrested for the

CO Jeff Ginn was checking shore anglers on Hardy Pond when he
located a subject catching and keeping walleyes. After observing
the subject for several hours, CO Ginn contacted the subject and
discovered multiple undersized walleyes. Enforcement action was

Sgt. Mike Bomay and CO Brian Lebel conducted a lengthy
investigation of a father and son who shot 14 deer during the past
hunting season. Nine of the deer were taken without licenses,
including an overlimit of bucks. Both subjects purchased multiple
buck licenses and were re-using and borrowing tags. A 10-point buck
was seized from a taxidermist, and multiple charges were filed.
Both subjects have multiple prior offenses with the DNR, including
possession of illegal deer and transporting loaded/uncased firearms
in a motor vehicle.

CO Brian Lebel was conducting follow-up investigation of an illegal
buck at a taxidermy business when he came upon another illegal
9-point buck. The buck had been tagged and validated on the same
day of purchase. The suspect admitted to hunting with only an
antlerless license when he had three bucks walk by his stand, and
he stated he couldn’t resist. Enforcement action was taken, and the
buck was seized.

CO Troy VanGelderen received a complaint about shots fired. The CO
responded to the location and found a subject sitting in a vehicle
with a loaded, uncased muzzleloader. The subject had no hunting
license, and a check with the retail sales system revealed he had
not purchased one for several years.


COs Matt Liestenfeltz and Mike Hearn conducted a patrol on
snowmobiles to check trapping activity and furbearer hunters. The
patrol resulted in the arrest of a subject for carrying a loaded
and uncased pistol in a vehicle. The COs also contacted a hunter
afield without hunter orange. The COs contacted numerous operators
of out-of-state snowmobiles with expired registration and no trail

CO Chuck McPherson located an illegal trap set on dry land. The
name and address information on the trap indicated it belonged to a
local resident. The investigation revealed the owner had loaned the
trap to a young trapper who was being mentored in the sport and had
received bad information on that particular trap set.

CO Mark Papineau was dispatched to an ORV injury accident in a
secluded section of state forest land. CO Papineau arrived on the
scene and was informed by a witness that the victim was one mile
back in the woods and was severely injured. Neither the victim nor
his riding partner were from the area and were unable to provide
good information regarding their location. The witness described
the area where the accident had occurred, which CO Papineau
recognized. CO Papineau drove to the location and located the
victim, who was partially submerged in a drainage creek. CO
Papineau directed emergency personnel to the location where first
aid was performed. The victim suffered from multiple broken bones,
possible head injuries, and severe trauma to the chest area. The
victim was evacuated from the woods, loaded onto a life-flight
helicopter, and flown to a trauma center. The victim was last
reported to be in stable but critical condition. The investigation
revealed that the victim was operating in a prohibited area at
excessive speeds when he lost control of his motorcycle and


COs Jeremy Payne and Quincy Gowenlock received a complaint about
shining and shooting in the Alma area, where the complainant was
able to provide the plate number of the suspect’s vehicle. The COs
searched the field for evidence and located an injured doe. The doe
had to be dispatched due to a small-caliber gunshot wound to the
left front leg. The COs went to the suspect’s residence and
contacted a father and son. Both denied shooting the deer and said
they were out shining raccoons. After the two were separated, the
father said that his son shot the deer. The son continued to deny
that he shot the deer until the COs found the blood trail where the
deer was dragged into the garage. Upon searching the garage, the
COs found three more deer. Further investigation revealed that the
son shot two of the deer and found one along the road. Only one of
the three deer was tagged. It was tagged with a used tag that was
taken out of the garbage at a deer-processing business where the
suspect worked. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Chad Foerster and additional local agencies responded to a
Saginaw County 911 call regarding a hunter who had fallen from a
treestand. According to Central Dispatch, the caller/victim was
badly injured and was going in and out of consciousness. CO
Foerster and the other responders launched several vessels for the
search due to the unknown location of the victim who was only
reachable by water within the Shiawassee SGA. The victim was able
to make a call to one of his friends and told him what had happened
and that he needed help. His friend knew the approximate area that
the victim hunted and was able to locate him by boat and relay his
location to authorities. The victim was semi-hypothermic and
suffered from a broken back, broken hips, broken femur, and several
broken ribs. CO Foerster, along with medical personnel, transported
the victim out of the area on his patrol vessel to an awaiting

After multiple hours of surveillance, CO Nick Atkin made contact
with two perch anglers. One of the anglers was in possession of 139
perch (89 perch over the limit). The second angler was in
possession of 72 perch (22 perch over the limit). Enforcement
action was taken.


CO Mike Mshar checked many anglers along the Kalamazoo River with
good catches of steelhead. Several tickets were issued for fishing
without all-species fishing licenses and for marine safety

CO Patrick McManus responded to a complaint on a local inland lake
where a local resident reported that a juvenile trumpeter swan had
been shot and buried by two hunters. The resident had been watching
the endangered animals all spring, which consisted of two adults
and three juveniles. Two subjects were contacted at their
residence, and confessions were obtained. The subjects were charged
with taking an endangered species and charged $1,500 in

CO Gary Raak contacted two fully camouflaged subjects exiting the
woods with a .22 rifle in the Barry SGA. One of the subjects stated
he was only along to observe, since he left his license at home.
The subject hunting was issued a ticket for not wearing the
required hunter orange clothing. CO Raak left the area and
backtracked, locating a second rifle. Contact was made again, and
it was determined the second subject did not have a license. He was
ticketed for no hunter orange and hunting without a license.

CO Ken Cerny received a RAP complaint a little after 11 p.m. that a
resident had observed a vehicle occupant shining and then had heard
a shot. The complainant then observed the truck speed away. The
complainant hid his vehicle down the road and a short time later
observed the truck return to pick up the deer, but when the
complainant approached in his vehicle, two subjects took off in the
field on foot as the truck sped away. The complainant then hid and
waited for CO Cerny to arrive. CO Cerny, with assistance from local
deputies, found where the subjects in the field had dragged the
dead deer across two different properties, and following their
trail, finally located two subjects hiding in a ditch in possession
of a freshly killed antlerless deer. Contact with the subjects also
led to the discovery of marijuana possessed by one of the subjects.
A warrant is being sought for multiple charges on both


CO Brad Brewer received a complaint about a subject hunting over
bait. He located a blind towering over a field and a truckload of
corn. CO Brewer contacted the hunters and explained the reason for
his visit. The property owner claimed he was not aware that there
was a limit on the amount of bait. A ticket was issued.

CO Brian Fish was called to the Battle Creek Airport regarding
staff breaking up muskrat dens and killing the muskrats. Airport
staff admitted to the act; they stated they were trying to control
flooding that was taking place along their new runway. While a
beaver-control permit had been issued, they had no permit for
taking muskrats or destroying the houses. CO Fish is seeking

CO Brian Fish was called regarding an incident in which an elderly
man was walking along a rural street when several deer began
running in his direction. The older man did not see the deer in
time to move from their path. A deer ran into him from the rear and
knocked him to the ground. The man was transported to the Level 3
trauma center in Kalamazoo where, at last check, he was in critical
but stable condition.

CO Todd Thorn responded to a complaint about boys dragging deer
from the woods behind their home to the back of their house, which
was in a subdivision. CO Thorn first spoke with the mother, who
stated that she did not know of any hunting activity. CO Thorn then
located an antlerless deer by the back door of the home. CO Thorn
spoke with the 15-year-old son and his 20-year-old friend about
their hunting activities. After finding ORV tracks through the
woods behind the subdivision houses, CO Thorn located another deer.
CO Thorn found that the 15-year-old had shot two deer and a
squirrel from his bedroom window with a .22-caliber rifle, and had
only retrieved one deer. A number of charges are being sought, and
investigations are ongoing.

CO Pete Purdy was assisted by Sgt. Bahlau, CO Prince, and CO Smith
in locating a subject who had made admissions online about shooting
deer this season without a license, and any “DNR” officer that
comes snooping around will get shot. The COs contacted the subject
while he was working on a vehicle in the front yard. The subject
apologized for making the online statements, saying he was just
trying to show off and also led the COs to the antlers of an
untagged 7-point rack. Charges are pending.


CO Linda Scheidler checked the Holloway Reservoir Dam for fishing
activity. The CO observed three subjects from across the river. One
of the subjects was actively and aggressively snagging. The CO
watched and video-recorded one subject who brought in one fish that
was foul-hooked. The CO contacted the subjects. The subject who was
snagging claimed he was getting bites and was setting the hook.
When the CO explained she had video of his actions, he changed his
tune. Enforcement action was taken.

COs Kris Kiel and Todd Szyska watched as three subjects on state
land were releasing and shooting pigeons and chukkars. None of the
subjects were wearing hunter orange, and the subject who was
shooting the birds had no small-game license. Contact was made, and
enforcement action was taken.

CO Kris Kiel received numerous tips during the firearms deer season
about a subject who had been hunting deer without wearing hunter
orange. The CO also received information that the subject was
hunting for a big buck that had been seen in the area. CO Kiel had
been checking the area during the season and had been unsuccessful
in catching the subject hunting until the late antlerless season.
The CO checked the hunting location and found a subject in
full-snow camouflage. When the subject was identified, the CO knew
he had the subject he was looking for. The subject admitted to the
violation and stated that he was not wearing orange because he did
not want to alert his neighbors. Enforcement action was

COs Mike Drexler and Mark Ennett responded to a report that three
goose hunters in Pointe Mouillee SGA were possibly hunting from a
dike. Upon arriving at the location and checking the hunters, it
was determined they were on a sandbar in the containment unit and
not on shore. However, one hunter had an unplugged shotgun, and
another was afield without any of his hunting licenses. Both were
issued tickets. During the check, the water levels rose, and the
gear that had been on the sandbar began to float away, requiring
the hunters to retrieve their equipment via their boat.

CO Mike Drexler checked a piece of undeveloped private property
known for ORV issues. Just as the CO parked his patrol vehicle, a
subject appeared, riding an ORV without a helmet. In addition to
not wearing a helmet, the subject also was operating an
unregistered ORV and was trespassing. Enforcement action was

While investigating a hunter harassment complaint, CO Linda
Scheidler was talking with the complainant who told her he had
taken two different bucks and a doe earlier this season. The CO
followed up and found that the subject had only purchased a
firearms deer license. The CO spoke with the subject’s father, who
told her that he left his hunting license at camp so that his son
or others in the hunting party could use it. The case is still
under investigation, and warrants will be forthcoming.

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