Seeking earlier turkey lottery results?

Natural Resources Board member Christine Thomas raised a question at the board's Dec. 14 that could be a matter of convenience for some turkey hunters. Thomas wondered whether anyone within the DNR ever received comments from turkey hunters who would like to know their drawing success earlier so that they can request vacation time at work. Thomas said her calendar for 2012 is filling up quickly, but she's been trying to keep blocks of days open in late April and early May because she doesn't yet know what time period she will draw. She wondered whether it would be possible, now that we're using an automated licensing system, to set it up so hunters could go online in late December to find out if they were successful in their drawing, and if so, for which season. They could then put in a vacation request. No immediate answer came to pass that day, but later, after the meeting, the idea was passed by Dianne Brookbank, of the DNR Bureau of Licensing. Brookbank said the DNR could absolutely set that up, but only if the entire turkey tag application process were conducted online. However, because there are still hunters using paper applications submitted via mail, those applications have to be entered manually, and that pushes back the drawing process. Brookbank said that if the DNR continues with the paper and online process, earlier drawing results would be available if the application deadline were moved to an earlier date, perhaps a date in August or September. Brookbank is going to prepare a report for the NRB and deliver the information to the board at a future meeting.

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